Five Hundy by Midnight 32: Vegas Trip Wrap-Up

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • The microphone is on this time
  • Gambling recap: video poker, pai gow poker, blackjack
  • Shopping: Michele rambles about shoes and clothing and shopping; Tim gets bored
  • Entertainment: Big Elvis, the Fontana Lounge at Bellagio, Centrifuge at MGM
  • Downtown: Main Street Station, El Cortez, Gold Spike
  • Off-Strip Adventure: Bourbon Street, Westin, Ellis Island
  • Food: Paris Buffet, Main Street Station Buffet, Aladdin Buffet, Michael’s, Sterling Brunch at Bally’s
  • Adios Las Vegas by Walt Hudson

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 8/7/05 (33:08 min, 15.3 MB) or subscribe.


    One thought on “Five Hundy by Midnight 32: Vegas Trip Wrap-Up

    1. Just got back from Vegas and had a great time, got lucky again, but not at gambling!!

      Took your advice and went to O’Shea’s for a morning Bloody Mary and video poker at the bar. I dropped your name and they gave me a blank stare, just like you said would happen. Anyways, I walked outta there with an extra $400 after getting 4 aces and two four of a kinds.

      I talked with the bartender at O’sheas and he says that Harrahs now owns it and they plan on demolishing O’Sheas to make room for the new Horseshoe Casino. So, you better enjoy O’sheas as much as you can because it’s not going to be there much longer.

      Very good to hear they are closing Bourbon Street, what a total DUMP!!

      Keep up the good shows.

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