Five Hundy by Midnight 56: Charming Interplay

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Michele returns
  • Avenue Q taxi turf = handsome sofa cover?
  • Listener Bob sees celebrities on the Strip
  • Listener Dave checks in from Las Vegas
  • Harrah’s provides a comfortable shelter from gunfire in its buffet
  • News about the Hard Rock Hotel, Imperial Palace and Venetian
  • Six degrees of Kevin Baker
  • Vegas Web site profile:
  • The Gambler by Mike Doughty: Buy it on iTunes or buy his Haughty Melodic CD on iTunes or Amazon

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 2/26/06 (29:25 min, 27.1 MB) or subscribe.


    20 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 56: Charming Interplay

    1. I just realized that I missed the opportunity to identify myself as a “long-time listener, first-time caller.”

      My trip recap is up on my blog (

    2. I’ve been reading your trip report. Good stuff. Thanks for the report. Glad the penguins are still around. I suspect I received a bad news tip (I’m looking at you, Mike from Roseville).

    3. Ah, you’re just saying that ’cause I promoted the show.

      BTW, you know you have a gambling problem when you’re taking bets on the reason Michele wasn’t on the show last week…

    4. Also … it wasn’t Listener Bob with the celebrity sighting – it was Listener Pete

    5. Maybe they could use the Ave Q shag turf to redo the “high roller” suite at the El Cortez.

    6. Oh, yeah. We also saw them filming The View in front of Caesars and heard pre-recorded Celine out from the speakers, but didn’t investigate further, for obvious reasons. Besides, I would’ve been too tempted to throw donuts at Star Jones.

    7. Who in the Hell thought up the name for the bus line? Great marketing there!! I can hear the ads now….

      “Come to Vegas and take a Deuce on the strip”

      Maybe they could get Paris Hilton to do a celebrity endorsement.

      “I always take a Deuce after I make a new amateur video.”

    8. The only thing I could come up with, Mark G., is that they’re double-decker buses. Double…two…deuce…dig?

      Yeah, me neither…

    9. I couldn’t be happier that the penguins haven’t migrated from the garden at the Flamingo. I feel awful about possibly misinforming Tim causing him to blindly misinform his loyal fans.

      Here’s how it happened. Back in December we took a well deserved trip to my own personal ‘mecca’. As near as I can remember (I may have been drinking), my ass was glued to a stool assigned to a Dueces machine. The machine was at the Barbary Coast, second row away from the door facing Flamingo nearest the Strip; second machine from the end. That $20 lasted forever – this part I’m sure of; but I digress. Anyway, my lovely wife, who like Michele, appreciates pursuits in Vegas other than gambling and drinking, was off watching the afternoon (or was it morning) penguin feeding at the Flamingo. Now this is where is gets hazy. I think she told me that penguin-feeder said the penguins were leaving mid-January. Anyone who knows her realizes she would never lie, so only three possibilities remain:

      1. She said something about penguins and leaving and I missed the middle part. (she’s still here so I don’t think that was it)

      2. I dreamed the whole thing. Last night I dreamed a bear was after me so this is a possibility. The bears really need to be stopped.

      3. Gary Loveman, CEO of Harrah’s, stepped in and put a stop to the foolishness. Thanks to the people at Harrah’s for always providing sanity in an insane world.

      Tim…You should really verify your sources before spreading rumors!

      My apologies to all those inconvienced by the continued presence of the penguins…and most of all, I’m sorry to the penguins…please forgive me.

    10. Are you planning to release any details about your upcoming Vegas trip? How about a soundseeing tour with a live audience?

    11. On notice ?!? It was the comment about the bears; it’s a conspiracy and now they have Tim!

      A Hooters uniform for Michele !?!

      I have to use the crappy Harrah’s Gold card at Caesar’s?

      A Bourbon Street theme for Freemont Street…La Bayou is already there; what more do they want?

      Can I be part of the live audience for the tour?

      How about a special edition podcast to wrap up all these loose ends?

    12. The Hooters uniform will make holiday family get togethers a lot more fun.

      Yes. You have to use your crappy Harrah’s card at Caesars.

      Agreed about LeBayou. I almost forgot about that.

      Live audience? We’ll see, but don’t ask for time off from work yet.

      Loose ends tied.

    13. still ‘on notice’?

      it makes me very nervous to think I’m only one comment away from ‘dead to you’.

      Every family get together needs a Hooters girl!

    14. Perhaps simply a wag of the finger instead of being put on notice…. well at least notice is better than being dead to Tim

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