Five Hundy by Midnight 92: Las Vegas Changes Aplenty

Trippies 2006 - The Best and Worst of Las Vegas
This week’s Las Vegas podcast includes:

  • Smoking ban coming soon
  • Marijuana still illegal
  • Lap dances still legal
  • Golden Nugget renovations
  • Steve Wynn’s interest in New Frontier
  • Caesars video poker gets downgraded
  • Britney Spears comeback in Las Vegas
  • Prince’s first 3121 show
  • The Comedy Festival comes to Caesars
  • Listener calls from the Playboy Club, 3121 and more
  • We’ve been nominated for The Trippies! Vote today!

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 92: Las Vegas Changes Aplenty

  1. On my dial-up connection, FHBM92 is flying into my machine at the blazing rate of 5.00 KB/Sec. This means that I may not use my computer for the next few hours. Yet I am willing to suffer in order to get the new podcast. (One day I will get a fast connection.)

    Goodbye Rummy and K-Fed. Federlines deodorant doesn’t work and neither does he.

    Thank you in advance for what will surely be another fine podcast.

  2. @tattoos: be sure to picture yourself as an 80 year old with whatever you’re getting

    i have three tattoos, and i’m glad i got them when i was a bit more mature — not sure the fender telecaster framed with the words “let it rock” that i wanted when i was 20 would look all that cool now

    have a great trip kids — and remember, no fondling

  3. Is this another obscure reference? At exactly 31:21 in the Podcast the caller who called from Prince’s new club, 3121, is saying Thirty-One-Twenty-Oneeeee!!! And I mean exactly. If this is a coincidence it is an incredible one. Could it be Prince’s energy controlling your timer in some freaky metaphysical way? If not it could be your engineer is a Prince fan.

    Also, Michele was talking about the meaning of 3121. Some think it is this.
    PSALM 31:21 reads: Blessed be Jehovah, For he has rendered wonderful loving-kindness to me in a city under stress. Only Prince knows for sure, and he isn’t saying.

  4. Sorry to hear about the VP paytable downgrades at Caesars. I always enjoyed playing quarter 9/6 JoB at CP, so it’s definitely disappointing to hear this news. As an alternative, you might want to check out Paris and Bally’s for bonus poker. As of my trip in April, both properties had full pay BP at the quarter level and up, although I don’t know if they have since been downgraded by Harrah’s. Also, don’t forget that there’s plenty of full pay VP of all varieties at the Hilton, and if you’re looking for a reason to check out the Westin Casuarina, I believe they still have full pay NSUD and JoB.

    As for the recent smoking legislation, I was reading a LVRJ article which mentioned that a number of bars which have a kitchen and offer a food menu are thinking about dropping food services altogether, as they have found that the bartop gambling accounts for much more of their income than their food sales. That said, it will be interesting to see the results of this new law once the dust settles. However, if this legislation holds up, perhaps a more inclusive smoking ban which includes casinos might not be as far off as we may have once imagined. One thing that I still don’t quite understand is that public opinion seems to dictate that a smoking ban in LV casinos will never happen and would be a disaster if it was enforced, and yet the big trend recently has been for poker rooms to go non-smoking. Why is it, then, that there hasn’t been (to my knowledge) a mass exodus of gamblers from poker rooms on account of the fact that they aren’t allowed to smoke while playing? Poker players have been afforded the opportunity to play in a smoke-free environment, so why not the rest of the casino? One might argue that poker players tend to play at close quarters for long periods of time, but the exact same could be said for someone settled in for a long session at a VP machine or blackjack table.

    Anyway, hope both of you have a great trip. Looking forward to your reports!

  5. Why in the world would you want a tattoo? Good God, what a popular mistake. I’ve never seen a human body improved by injecting ink under the skin. If you look good, it makes you uglier. If you’re already ugly, it makes you uglier. If Keno is Bad, Tattoos are Ugly! Don’t do it.

    I’m quite pleased by the smoking ban, but I’m confused by the lap dance restriction. The whole purpose is to get aroused. These legislators should know that – they’ve been to nudie bars before.

  6. Re: Golden Nugget renovations. The home page of has a link at the lower left to go to the construction update. They have a number of renderings of the changes including the pool area which appears to show the shark tank/aquarium rising from the middle of the pool. Also, Landry’s has a full page ad in Southwest Airlines magazine showing the changes which is where I first saw it last week.

    It looks cool–I’d almost rather see that then the topless pools at the other hotels (well, maybe). A topless pool with sharks would be awesome. A topless pool with sharks overlooking the monkey poker dome would be killer. And a topless pool with sharks overlooking the monkey poker dome while Prince plays poolside–now that would be the ultimate! (Just as long as no one gets aroused.)

  7. Hey Tim, if you find a tat that you like go for it. You only go round once. “Sleep when you are dead!” Oh and fondle away!!!!

  8. They banned smoking at Casino Rama in Canada on May 31st.

    We have noticed that:

    1. The air is fresher.

    2. The popular slots are on save mode more often (i.e. bucket on seat) so you still can’t get to them.

    3. I here the numbers are dwon so th eslots may be tighter.

    $. All in all for non or ex smokers it is a more pleasuable experience

    BTW please cut back on the Prince comments. If I wanted a Prince podcast I would listen to one. This is a Vegas Podcast and we know that he is Tim’s second most favourite thing, but some of us can and have lived without the little weasel all of our lives. 🙂

  9. Agreed with William Beem on the tattoos, although a Telecaster with “Let It Rock” would have been cool, as the Tele is the world’s most perfect guitar.

  10. I cannot believe Prince did anotherloverholenyohead AND joy in repetition. Oh to be at that concert!

    Question based on the non-smoking law: what happens with the Diamond Lounges? I’m a ten-month non-smoker, but I”m just curious.

    Oh, and WORD on Dane Cook. I decided to give him a chance after hearing the hype and I lasted five minutes into his HBO special. Incredibly unfunny.

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