Five Hundy by Midnight 139: Friendship, Fun and Fabulousness

Las Vegas podcast #139 includes:

  • Sons of Hollywood opener
  • Rio update
  • Crown Las Vegas shrinks
  • Caesars’ Cher deal falls through
  • End in sight for The Producers and Matsuri
  • Hats! at Harrahs Las Vegas
  • RIP Viva Laughlin
  • Listener calls about MGM Mirage’s reservation system problems; Ultimate Game Show Experience at Las Vegas Hilton; Rapid Roulette; Circus Circus Steakhouse; Coast Casinos slot club changes; Little Legends; and more

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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 139: Friendship, Fun and Fabulousness

  1. Michele says, “I love meat, but I dislike Circus Circus.”

    Wow, it was only a few weeks ago that she was looking for a beginner steak.

  2. I think you gave the poker player some bad info about room rates. Poker players can indeed get better room rates (even if they’ve never visited the casino before), they must play a minimum number of hours daily during their trip.

    Here are some details:

    I’ve never taken advantage of these rates (as I’d hate to start losing, and feel like I had to stay for 6 or 8 hours, but good rates certainly do exist.

  3. Great info. Thanks. I didn’t realize poker rates were available to first-timers. We’ll pass the info along on next week’s show.

  4. In the process of listening… so if this was mentioned during the show – sorry.

    The first couple of listener calls started as Tim was introducing them. Did my iTunes happen to pick up a bad version of the show?

  5. Thanks for mentioning it Jeff. The audio track with all the calls got a little off sync. I just uploaded a new file that should be better.

  6. Oh, so now there’s a “collector’s edition” of episode 139 that’s more valuable because of the glitches? Kinda like a mis-printed postage stamp? I have the original out-of-sync episode 139 that I’m willing to trade with anyone who has a bootleg copy of episode 14.

  7. As far as the Cher substitutes:

    Mariah Carey: doubtful, her career really doesn’t need a boost since her last album sold like 10 bagillion copies.

    Faith Hill & Tim McGraw: very likely, they have the built-in midwest following that can keep ticket sales at a nice steady pace.

    Stevie Wonder: possible, while he may not “tear up” the charts anymore his legend status gives him clout among Bette and Elton.

    Whitney Houston: depends how sober she is at the moment, could be a great opportunity for her career but maybe a risky bet for Caesars.

    At least those scary Britney Spears and Michael Jackson rumors are being put to rest.

  8. Oh, and I’m all for the Lionel Richie battle! Can’t you just picture “Dancing on the Ceiling” staged by Dragone? Too awesome!

  9. Heck yeah!!! Grey goose and soda with a twist of lime it is. You can count on me, I am going to pound those like it is my job.


  10. Someone who has to keep reminding us how much he loves women, probably doesn’t. Know what I mean?

  11. Two Vegas questions.

    1. Where exactly can I find Sigma Derby in Vegas. I think you said MGM but exactly where in the casino can it be found?

    2. Where are the Top Gun slots again?



  12. The Sigma Derby machine at MGM is near the sportsbook, poker room and lions.

    Top Gun slots are available in many casinos.

  13. BC, I’ll trade you for an original Tim and Tony Show episode #3. Still in plastic.

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