Five Hundy by Midnight 143: Washed Up and Whining

Las Vegas podcast #143 includes:

  • Trading Spaces opener
  • Planet Hollywood grand opening brings out 1980s A-listers
  • Robert Earl can’t take criticism
  • Crown Las Vegas shrinks again
  • Sahara gets an upgrade
  • Still no progress at Lady Luck
  • Harrah’s Las Vegas update
  • The Producers closing announced
  • Wayne Newton is shifty
  • Harrah’s closes airport registration desk
  • Listener calls about Yellow Brick Road, Planet Hollywood, Fremont renovations, karaoke at Imperial Palace, Pong slot machines, Town Center, Four Winds Casino, kids in Las Vegas and more

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38 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 143: Washed Up and Whining

  1. Wish we’d gone to see The Producers while we were out there, it’ll have closed before we go again, never mind it probably wasn’t the same without Hasselhoff.

  2. “It’s not a party without a Swayze”
    Ironically, guess what my last name is? Yep, it really is.

  3. Wow Tim. Your dreams are crazy. But what is even crazier is that it was actually true. You are indeed a prophet.

  4. Well, I’m still alive. We’ll see how it goes.

    Tim – when you said ‘STP’ I was sure you meant ‘Sucky Trump Plaza’ in an attempt to get Trump on your ass. I guess not.

  5. Hey Tim,

    I am still having problems downloading the last 3 Podcasts. I have been listening to your Podcasts almost since day 1 without any problems…but they are a no go for the past few weeks.

    I am still able to download many other Podcasts I listen too…just not yours.

    I have also noticed that your website has been slower than usual to get too, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    The error I am getting is -3259….Podcasts download a few MB and then suddenly stop.

    Any info would be helpful.

  6. Brad, the website is fine. You need to figure out your problem. Start with the basics like how do you get the podcast. Do you download it automatically via iTunes and sync with an iPod? Do you stream it via the “Play The Podcast” link on the left frame? Do you stream it via the little Podcast icon under each show description? Or do you use another method? Then try it the other ways. Try using different browsers such as opera or firefox. (both free) If they all fail go to a friends house at a different location, with a different computer, different internet connection, different settings different filters and try it there.

    You probably made an innocent change that messed up your security settings somewhere. Did you update iTunes, update your security software, update Microsoft, install new hardware, install new software, optimize your computer, etc? I know for a fact a new iTunes update came out about that time and it did not work well for some people. Try turning off your filters and internet security devices for a few minutes to test it. Better yet find a guru and buy him a 12 pack to work on your computer.

    I’m sure T&M love all of their listeners. Until they start a home computer repair podcast it really is rude to put the burden on them. And it puts a damper on the comments for the rest of us. If there is a genuine problem with the podcast let them know. Once they say it is okay it is time for you to man up and fix your own computer.

    By the way Tim, since you are a prophet am I going to marry this girl I am dating?

    And I have one for you too Michelle. I have a 2003 Chevy with a 3.2L and it loses power at high speeds. Do you think I need a new oxygen sensor or should I go straight for the catalytic converter?

  7. Thanks for the tips Mark. I’m glad Brad let me know there might be a problem with downloads. If there’s a chronic problem, I don’t know until somebody lets me know. In this case, it seems to be isolated to just one or two people. I’ve been trying to figure out what might be happening and am not coming up with much. Here are a couple ideas for anyone who may be having problems. If you subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, unsubscribe and then resubscribe. If you download or listen directly from the site, try clearing your browser cache. I’m not sure whether this will work, but it’s worth a shot.

  8. Mark,

    Why do people feel they need to leave comments like yours? This will be a one time rant, so as to “damper on the comments” as so eloquently put by you, but not followed by you.

    I was only trying to let Tim know there may be a problem with the Podcasts. I’m not the only one who has posted on here in regards to issues with them lately, and people’s replies were “working here” or “mine works” doesn’t really help much.

    I am not a noob when it comes to the Internet or computers and was not asking for Tim’s help in my computer repair problems. In fact, I am currently the lead programming engineer for a game company and a web instructor, I have also been CTO of a dot com and run my own company as well, so that isn’t an issue here.

    The problem is in the fact, that I listen and watch about 10 different podcasts/video podcasts and FHBM is the only one that is not working. Not only on my machine, but on 4 others in my house and several at work. I wouldn’t of asked otherwise.

    To ask if I updated iTunes, security software, Microsoft ( not sure how to update Microsoft?? ), install new hardware, new software, optimize your computer doesn’t really say why 90% of my other Podcasts are still working.

    I know for a fact a new iTunes update came out about that time and it did not work well for some people. Try turning off your filters and internet security devices for a few minutes to test it. Again, not sure if you actually READ my question, but ALL my other Podcasts are working.

    It’s ignorant, pompous assholes like you that really make the web what it is today. Tim and Michele don’t deserve sarcastic comments like you left in the last 2 paragraphs either…ohh and if you do a little looking around their site, maybe you would spell Michele’s name correctly.

    Tim, my apologies if I asked you for something that I shouldn’t have. I guess I will wait until the Podcast fairies fix whatever is wrong with your feed (sarcasm).

  9. Alright, kiddies, everybody was able to get their shots in. I’d like to keep the comment section here from becoming like so many other sites. No more personal attacks please.

  10. Agreed.

    Now onto Vegas info.

    Last time my wife and I were there, we decided to hit the Steakhouse at Circus Circus from everybody’s recommendations.

    I don’t know if it was the time we went or what, but we had some of the worst service in a restaurant ever. Meal took forever to come, we were never asked if we wanted another drink, once the food came, we never saw our waiter again. Looking around for him, we found him sitting at a table with other customers. We must have been sitting close to 30-40 minutes with dirty plates sitting in front of us after we finished our meal. They never even asked if we wanted dessert!

    We thought, OK…service bad, maybe the food was good. Nope.

    My steak was over-cooked (ribeye), but I couldn’t tell anybody cause I couldn’t find them, and they were actually taking out all the coals from the grill, so I couldn’t of had a new steak cooked anyways.

    My wife’s steak was even worse (New York)…it was completely charcoal. It was as if they left it on the grill for my thicker steak to be done.

    Rating out of 10, with 1 being lousy and 10 being perfection??? We give it a 2.

  11. I am a big fan of Downtown and I wanted to put in my two cents:

    Along with Freemont Hotel being kind nice, I am a big fan of Four Queens. Their rooms are excellent. Small, but recently remodeled and quite nice. For the price, I would stay there all the time.

    Plus, the last time I was at the 4Qs I just left Imperial Palace. I would have rather stayed in a box on the airport runway then stay at IP.

  12. We were just in Vegas on the Comedy Fest weekend, and the Eiffel Tower was definitely lit red. As you guys suspected, though, it was only lit up on the 15th.

    Also unlike Gay Bob’s experience, we got to see a few celebrities including Judd Apatow pals Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, & Jonah Hill. Non-celebrity Eddie Griffin was also in attendance.

  13. Yep that is a mighty fine feeling Mike. Being in the UK and with work etc we usually book waaaaaaay in advance ( like 6 months ) so that feeling lasts a long time then snap the trip is over.

    But already at the point ( hol is not until Feb ) where we are checking those ‘whats on’ sites to see what headliners are in town whilst we are there. So far we have got Osmond Brothers, Robert Schimmel & Doodelbops ( in seperate shows ). Ahem looks like a third visit with Blue Man Group then ( im with you there Troy – best show in town, though have not see it since it moved to Venetian yet ).

  14. Bad phrase of English – that should be “So far we have got the choice of” – you will not be seeing any show review of Doddlebops anytime soon Tim.

    BTW strange that a City that is not meant for children and is supposed to be moving away from trying to draw in families ( quite rightly so ) then put on shows like Doddlebops etc.

    So our Vegas timeline for holiday are :

    V minus 16 weeks – daily search online for headliners who will be there during trip

    V minus 4 weeks – read recent online reviews of the Hotel we are staying at ( though we always now seem to stay at The Orleans – its good to read the reviews to see whats new and how they are doing )

    V minus 2 weeks – constant Vegas CD playlist in car ( Tom Jones/Love/Blue Man Group/Rat Pack etc )

    V minus 1 week – take sound clip of “Viva Las Vegas” into work and break out into song at random times throughout the day.

    V minus 1 day – pack

    V – unpack and pack again at customs

    Final thought for any budding entrepreneur – can someone please please please market a collection of Vegas hotel shaped xmas tree decorations with authentic neon signage action. I for one would buy them.

  15. From The Moveable Buffet Blog-
    Web defense in Vegas
    “For a big city, Las Vegas can be a small town.

    There are only a few of us who cover entertainment full time in Vegas. One local writer recently got on the wrong side of a Vegas headliner with a derogatory review. Suddenly, that writer’s name is now hosting a website filled with pornography.

    So yesterday, just to be on the safe side, I bought the many variations of net/org/news. Covering Vegas is like no other city.”

    So was it Steve or Hunter’s name that was used in the porno website?

  16. Darren- How about ‘O’ instead of Blue Man. Or maybe a few smaller shows like Rat Pack at Greek Isle and La Cage or Le Femme? (I think La Cage tix are like $50)

  17. “Suddenly, that writer’s name is now hosting a website filled with pornography.”

    Uh, no it is not.

    Maybe some wierd variation on the name but I happen to know the author of said piece owns URLs with different spelling versions of his name. As far as the person the author quoted his site(s) appear(s) to be fine too.

    Personally, I smell something funny in what Mr. Abowitz is saying or in his defense said author got it fixed already.

  18. Joey- I just noticed it says “…Vegas headliner…” I think this is a different thing than P Ho Gate

  19. Troy thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunatly we have seen those ones already ( Rat Pack was very good, ‘O’ just left us confused ). Have tended to see 5-7 shows per visit and with 7 visits under our belts now its getting harder to find new things for the 8th though I’m sure we will be paying a couple of visits to those half price ticket places to mop up some of the smaller shows we have missed. Umming and ahhing about “Ice” as the wife likes her Ice Skating ( just a bit concerned that it is showing at the Riviera ) heard any good/bad things about it ?

  20. Yes, the Cirque shows can be confusing unless you read the Cliff Notes before hand. They do tend to be weird. (My wife, who works for Cirque and sorry, she can not get free tickets, came home yesterday and said “I was attacked by a catapiller today. Yeah he was like 7 feet tall and was running up and down the halls and ran up to me and hugged me.” yes, they are an odd bunch)
    Much like Fashionistas. About half way through I gave up trying to follow the story and just enjoyed the “art” of it.
    Ice- Have not heard anything one way or another honestly.
    • Jubilee. Have seen this twice now. both times within the first two rows and well, the first time I was sort of shocked. I had never been to a show like this. I had seen LeFemme but there were just so many boobs all at once. But it was tastefull. A very good production if you can get past the following-
    A very flamboyant male cast member signing something like “Girls to the left of me and girls to the right…i just can’t choose” or…
    They end a tribute to the sinking of Titanic and all the soles who died and go straight into “Yankee Doodle Dandy” or…
    the average cup size was a big ‘A’ and the average female age was 40
    • Scintas- Not sure if I mentioned them before. Have seen them three times now. Obviously I like their show BUT I have not seen it since they came back from Atlantic City and I hear things about it not being as good.
    • Larry Jones- A good show where Larry does a ton of impressions and does them well. He is currently comping seats to military, fire, police etc. Check his show out for sure.
    • rockshow- hell ya! they do tributes to something like 10 rock bands doing two or three songs from each band. come to find out it is all the same guys doing all the bands. really good show
    • agaboom- good times. imagine the clown parts of cirque meets blue man group. if they come back go
    • legends- when did gwen stafani become a legend? The show opened with jerry lee lewis and when down hill from there
    • fashionistas- This was some sort of story line with erotic dancing and acrobats. I tried to follow the story for a while and it was a good thing I had read the cliff notes beforehand.
    • trent carlini- a pretty good elvis show. check it out if you like the E.
    • $250,000 game show thingy at Hilton- game show hosts are creepy. they smile too much. when i am at a show I want to be entertained not be the entertainment. this show is where they take people from the audience and do mini versions of gong show or newly wed game or name that toon.
    • little legends- let’s see- what could be more fun than miniature versions of allanas morrissette, madonna, michael jackson, tommy lee, milli vanilli, and sony and cher jumping around the stage lip syncing. Oh and add a really stupid/cheesy mc… Seriously get free tickets from wherever and get a really good hyper buzz on and have a good time with this one.
    • Front row center for Tom Jones. Awesome show. Recommended.
    • Ka. Uh, not that great. In fact, I was with Jim and a few others and frankly, not a fan.
    • O on the other hand was awesome.
    • La Femme. I was in the 2nd row center for that. Perhaps a bit too close. A good show but don’t go for the close seats.
    • X. Uh, fun for the first ten minutes and then…well, all the boobs just started looking the same and the jokes were really lame. Worth it if the tickets are free.
    • David Copperfield. I was on stage for one of his effects and I could not figure it out. Later I was told how it was done and still don’t get it. Good times.
    • Howie Mandell was just as funny as the first time I saw him twenty years ago.
    • Mama Mia…ok, I am not gay but I actually enjoyed this. Fifth row center for this one. Sitting up front is not too bad.
    • Hairspray was pretty good too. Ok, still I admit I am not gay and well…let’s not get into the rest of my social beliefs here…still this one was good but we were third row center and that was too close. Sit farther back to see the whole stage.
    • Erocktica is proof I am not gay. I had to remain seated thru this show as if I stood up I would have embarrassed my date. HOT girls. A hot guy. Kick ass rock and roll. Definitely check this out.
    • Amazing Johnathan is always a good time for tongue in cheek ‘magic’.
    • Viva Las Vegas was uh, just ok. One part, the BBQ guy, was pretty cool. The rest of it was uh, lame and I am glad we had 1/3 price tickets.
    • Haunted Las Vegas was pretty informative and a cool change to the typical Vegas show. You actually get on a bus and go places with this show like a field trip at school.
    • American Superstars was not too bad but go only if you can get the half price tickets.
    • Bite bit. A total waste of time. I mean really? This was supposed to be good?
    • La Cage is good if you like obviously lip syncing drag queens.
    • Blue Man…Uh, the best show in town. Hands down. I will not say it again… ok I will, this is the best show in town!
    • Mystere was pretty good. I am used to seeing the Cirque shows in a big top so Ka was just too over the top for me and O had the water so it didn’t really count but Mystere brought it all back home.
    • Danny Gans sucked. He brags about doing 200 impressions but he only does one well and that was Bart Simpson and Bart Simpson is not even a real person!
    • Lance Burton seemed like he was tired and bored of his own act. Frankly, so am I. I have seen all his stuff a hundred times before on tv
    • Dragapella… oh my god. Drag queens doing satirical a capella. Friggin hysterical. I was laughing so hard most of the time my eyes started to sting from the tears and one time I got hiccups from laughing so hard. I bought a CD and I still love listening to it.
    • Avenue Q was fantastic though it is no longer there. Never mind.
    • Carrot Top was really high energy and was rather good.
    • Zumanity was a party atmosphere and a body good time. Worth the cash.
    • Badabing was aweful. Avoid it like the plague.
    • Wayne Brady was good clean fun.
    • Platters Drifters Coasters good clean fun. Toe tapping hits.
    • Purple Reign… Uh, best inexpensive show in town…next to-
    • Rat Pack tribute at Greek Isles. If you like the Rat Pack this show is great. I have seen it four times now and look forward to next time.

    Rock Show and Yellow Brick Road are an awesome rock and roll tribute/impersionation band

    Hope this little list helps.

  21. Yep sure does, thanks for the Summary. Tom Jones I agree was awesome loved the way he makes fun out of himself and makes it very much a party night. Front tables as well was great – so close we could see right up his nostral and examine his nose hair.
    BTW if anyone goes to the Hollywood Theatre to see a show at the MGM can I recommend the Pink Tickler Cocktail. Had the wife singing in the street after the show.

    Avenue Q/Hairspray – both good shows. Shame they were both cancelled after such short runs.

    Platters/Drifter/Coasters – good show, bad maitre de.

    Carrot Top really had just the one joke I found funny ( y’know the one, to do with how much walking takes place on the strip ).

    Lance Burton seemed more of a show for the children.

    David Copperfield was astonishing.

    Loved Love ( looking forward to the Elvis cirque if it is going to be done in the same fashion )

    Elton/Celine/Barry – strictly for the wife who seemed to enjoy them. Elton was more naughty than we expected!

    Enjoyed Mama Mia/Mystere/Spamalot/We Will Rock You/American Superstars ( well parts of it )

    The only show we have gone to so far and have felt really ripped of was Steve Wyrick.

    Rock Show sounds goood will have to get the maps out to see how close it is to us though.
    Impressionists are out ( being from UK probably would not know half the people they are imitating ). So think that leaves Wayne Brady/Amazing Jonathon/Howie Mandall. Will check them out ( especially Amazing Jonathon have heard other good stuff about that show was meaning to chase up on ).

    Dang in the mood for Vegas now.

    Tim – you might not have the most number of posts this podcast but bet you have the most number of words. BTW forgot to mention in a previous podcast you were speculating on what Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals would be coming to Wynn ( other than Joseph which surely must be a cert. Heard an interview where Donny Osmond has stated he would like to have a Vegas show … hey … didnt he once play Joseph in a previous production .. hmm )and mentioned Starlight Express. Believe this used to run at the Hilton ( have the poker chips with the various characters on in my collection ) so doudt they would be revisiting this.

  22. Rock show plays at Hilton but it is not a regular show. Yellow Brick Road is at Boulder Station.

    F all that Donny Osmond. I vote for Cats. Or in honor of our lovely host Michele- Deborah Gibson.

  23. Need to spice up the Dressen household this winter? Try Stripper 101.

    The description:
    Stripper 101 covers more than 25 sexy floor moves including actual exotic dance moves used in Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs, as well as choreography with boas, chairs and poles.

    Previous dance experience is not necessary. No nudity occurs. At the completion of the class each student receives a certificate establishing them as an Official Las Vegas Striiper.

    Class prices are : $40.00 Sapphire Package – Includes instruction for one person, and a Las Vegas stripper’s certificate. $60.00 Ruby Package – includes instruction for one person, Stripper 101 t-shirt, souvenir photo, and a Las Vegas stripper’s certificate.


  24. I saw Larry G. jones at Fitzgerald’s. I thought it was terrible. He plays with his butt too much, witnesses for Jesus, and sings about his 2 divorces. A truly schzoid performance. He is good at straight vocal covers from the 70’s. I felt like I wsted my $30.

    On another note. At the Sigma Derby at the MGM, the last 4 times I have been to Las Vegas, there is a man who is playing every time. He plays for pretty big money each race, and plays so much that he know the winners at the 3/4 mark EVERY race. He looks like the Columbian drug lord character that Brendan Fraiser played in the movie “Bedazzled”. He is very nice and converses well, almost as if that is his stool at the corner bar. A buddy of mine went last weekend and saw him. My buddy decided I was a real Vegas junkie when I could tell him about regular players there. Anyone else seen him? Got any background?

  25. My show list

    Love – Amazing. Particularly if you like Beatles music. But, if you don’t like the Beatles I could see where this show could become overwhelming and/or annoying.

    Celine – Celine is an alien from another planet. A planet where people speak in power ballads. This is a good/technically impressive show and I don’t even like her music.

    Penn & Teller – I like P & T on television and on some things I’ve seen them on. But Penn’s shtick starts to get a little old in this live show. I thought it was a little slow and very full of itself.

    Second City – My wife and I really enjoyed Second City in Las Vegas. It was funny and smart. However, the drunk idiots in the audience with their “funny” suggestions for skits may start to grate on you.

    My wife and I also enjoyed the Secret Garden at the Mirage. It’s a little expensive but watching dolphins play in the middle of the hussle and bussle of the strip is very soothing. I suggest doing this on your last day if you are leaving at night. It’s a great way to end on a happy note rather than grinding out the last few hands in the smokey haze.

    The only other “show” I recommend is the cocktail waitresses at the Las Vegas club. This is the opposite of the dolphin experience as your soul dies a little bit looking at octagenarians forced to wear cheerleader unfirorms.

  26. LVA has publixhed that the “soft” opening of the Pallazzo has been postponed to the 28th of December.

  27. Chuckmonster–
    That’s awesome. I’ll see if Tim wants to sign up. He’s much more coordinated than I am.

  28. Good news from the hometown of Sonic drive inn. I’m sure you already know this, but Sonic has announced that their next expansion area is Minnesota. They have new drive inns planned for the twin cities area in the first half of 2008.

  29. It’s a bit late to do a trip report as I’ve been back about a week and a half, but thought you might like a link to a few of the photo’s I took.

    One of the Eiffel Tower when it was lit red, (just by putting filters over the floodlights) it slowly changed back to white lights I think on the evening of the 16th.

    Also a couple of shots of Wynn and Encore clouded by smoke from the New Frontier implosion.

    And a shot of the bar top video poker at the wonderful O’Sheas Dublin Up bar, showing the results of my first hand on the machine when I held four cards to a royal flush.

    It’s my first time using Flickr so I hope the link works, I may add more photo’s over the next few days.

  30. Troy, I found a magician worse than that goofball at the Little Legends combined.

    I think his name is Seth. He introduced the comedians at the LA Comedy Club last night. He wears a blue jumpsuit with sequins all over it. And he wears some kind of stupid top hat. He is very proud of himself, even though his magic is horrible. Most of his act is hiding something in his palm, called palming. This guy couldn’t palm a toothpick. He also has a magic treasure chest he used for a trick. Before he started the trick, he opened it leaned over, wound it up and turned it on, and pretended it was locked and no trickery was involved.

    You really need to see this guy to believe it. He is actually worth going to see just because he is so bad. I understand you hang out at the LA Comedy Club anyway, so let us know what you think.

  31. Michele –
    I’m always looking for ways to keep you entertained. 😉

    I’ll bet Tim would look great doing a LuvTub adjacent, badonkadonk dance sporting a David Lee Roth autographed Banana hammock. Just make sure he takes is soundseeing tour mic off before he dives in… we don’t want him getting zapp(o)’d or anything.

  32. Suddenly I’m a little afraid of chuckmonster. Clearly he spends way too much time thinking about me.

  33. Jason-
    Yes, if you are to believe Tim is indeed a prophet of sorts and his dreams are true OR I am being followed by black helicopters and the like and they are reporting back to Tim to help in the effort for Tim and Ron Paul to take over the world then yes, it is true, I have been to the LA Comedy Club once.
    I liked it there or at least it was good that night so perhaps will be back. Will report, as always, on what I find.
    Thanks for the heads up.

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