Another Delay for Palazzo

For the second time, the Palazzo soft opening has been delayed. Hunter broke the news earlier today, and a quick check of the hotel’s online reservation page suggests the new opening date for the hotel is slated for Jan. 6.

Update: Perez Hilton is reporting that Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club at Palazzo now may miss its opening date due to a failed building inspection.

Update 2: Parts of Palazzo opened last night, including 40/40 and the casino. Steve Friess posted some photos on his blog early this morning. The hotel remains unoccupied.


5 thoughts on “Another Delay for Palazzo

  1. just think…8 more songs and you can release a CD.

    There are several genre’s you haven’t publically explored…maybe a rock opera or power ballad?

  2. That sucked they postponed it, I was there this weekend and was hoping to check it out. It sure looks nice from the outside. Any word on what the actual delay is? The only work I saw was on the outside, they appeared to be working on the driveway leading up to the entrance and mostly sweeping up the last of the dirt and dust from the construction.

  3. The last decent rock opera CD was American Idiot, I think the world is ready for another one.

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