4 thoughts on “So Many Prop Bets, So Little Time

  1. I figured you took the week off so you could order tickets for the upcoming Celine Dion tour. I know much of a superfan Tim is! Nice try with the Super Bowl excuse Tim but we ALL know the real truth!

  2. With no show this weekend, I ordered and wore the “High Roller Las Vegas Gambler Accessories” you have featured on the front page.

    I was immediately ejected from the Western.

    I used the scarf to start an alley game down on 9th. Things got worse from there.

  3. There’s some awesome prop bets out there. Stephen Colbert is 250/1 to win the white house and someone named Jonathan ‘The Impaler’ Sharkey is 850/1…place your bets.

  4. No Strip last week, no Five Hundy this week. Thank God I have the hope that Hunter will put out a RateVegas podcast. This lets me catch on Lunchtime With Ira, since I have to get them straight from his website and convert the to itunes. Thanks, Tim & Michele for your faithful efforts in providing over 150 weeks of entertainment for all of us little people in podland.

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