Five Hundy by Midnight 176: Pants are Optional

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Las Vegas podcast #176 includes:

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22 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 176: Pants are Optional

  1. I remember drinking five long island ice teas and then several beers after that. I felt fantastic. That was a good night. I’m back home now and I’m going through Vegas withdrawal again. I’ll probably be drinking more tonight while i catch up on your podcasts to numb the pain.

  2. Tim & Michelle… this is Kurt (the donation guy from LA) FYI: Contrary to the podcast, my wife & I will most definitely be in Las Vegas next weekend, and we’re coming specifically to meet you two at Vegas Podcastapalooza.

    I’ll be the one passing shots your way of the best ‘top shelf’ the Palms has to offer.

    (BTW: You mentioned Guitar Hero on your last show. Are you playing on Wii or Xbox?)

  3. Hey Tim & Michelle!

    Love the show! Again, I would love to meet and see you guys but I dont think I will be sober enough to get to the Palms from Mandalay Bay.

    I would like to use the donation to play the Lions Share Slot Machine and you can keep all of the winnings. I had a chance to play it last week. Thanks for making it an interesting topic and tempting to try. It does have a different feel than current slot machines. It is close to the Sigma Derby machine. I would have play that as well but the machine was full and everybody there smoked. Why $27? That was the amount I cashed out at. I put in $20. I hit a couple of payouts and got it up to $60 and finishing at $27. I wanted to finished at least a winner first time on it. Kinda mistake. I think all payouts are made by an attendant. No TITO on that machine and they probably dont have the coins for it either. Good Luck! If you dont have the chance or still sticking to no gambling policy, then booz is okay.

    Have fun in Las Vegas!


  4. Payouts on the Lion’s Share in excess of $99 are payed out by an attendant. Anything $99 or below is paid out by the machine itself in coin.

  5. I think Podcast Slut would be better since none of you are paying me.

    I am afraid I will probably have to see Danny Gans one more time when he moves to Encore. I’ll keep it to myself though. Seriously here is the deal with his show- He puts on a cowboy hat and sings a jacked up country twang version of Friends in Low Places and calls it Garth Brooks.

    Here is a lesson on how to be Danny Gans. If you are reading this and are old like me then you will understand. Adopt a high pitch voice, put on some thick glasses and say- “Hey laaaaaaaaaaydeeeeeee”.
    Viola! Jerry Lewis.
    (Again this is completely my opinion and may or may not reflect the opinions of Tim and Michele or Five Hundy by Midnight podcast.)

    See ya’ll Saturday.

  6. I play the lions share machine last night. I cash out for $80 and got pay by hand. Sorry the sigma derby is in the next section over. Every seat taken. Terry

  7. Next time you are in Buenos Aires check out a new restaurant that blends South American Argentine cuisine with Italian dishes. The place is called Argenitalia.

    They’re advertising slogan is, “Come and check out Argenitalia.”

  8. Live fivehundy was pretty awesome at the Palms. They really do the show without pants on. Too bad the pictures didn’t come out.

  9. OMG OMG OMG, I was in the presence of CarrotTop! I even got to shake his hand! I’m never washing that palm again! I sooooooo heart CarrotTop.

    Oh, and I met Tim and Michelle too. They put on some show or something.

    But did I tell you about the guns on CarrotTop?

  10. Wow Eric,

    Seems like you have a woody for Carrot Top.

    I hear he has a opening for house boy !!

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