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24 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 189: When Life Gives You Lemons…”

  1. 1 Darran

    Yet to hear the podcast (still downloading) just a quick thank you for the head up in your show notes for the discounted Love tickets. Just the excuse I needed to go see it for a second time.

  2. 2 Jay

    Tim/Michelle – maybe you’ve already seen this, but if you’re looking for a Sigma Derby fix, perhaps you should order this!

  3. 3 Randy in Vegas

    Hookers and New York New York go together. I merely walked through one morning (about 2 am) and was followed out by one of the most beautiful black women I had ever seen, with some of the most massive breasts I’d ever personally been near, trying to scare up some business from me. Since the $4 or so I had to my name at the time probably wouldn’t have gotten me even a handshake, I declined.

  4. 4 BC

    Bacon iPod case
    , bacon scarf, bacon tiara, and more.

  5. 5 Troy from Las Vegas

    The group opening for George Wallace is called Mosaic.

  6. 6 Tim

    Vegas show follow-up: I received an e-mail from someone at The Travel Channel. Vegas Revolution is a six-episode series. Great news! More Vegas for everyone!

  7. 7 Dave Lifton

    “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and then toss it in the face of the person who gave you the lemons until they give you the oranges you asked for in the first place” – Bill McNeil.

  8. 8 Jim from LA

    Is it wrong of me to consider going to Vegas on Christmas? Boy is it cheap!

  9. 9 mike from roseville

    Vegas on Christmas?

    It’s so wrong, it’s right.

  10. 10 todd

    So I voted for you in the trippies! Yahoo!! Good luck, hope you win, etc. etc.

    But, in order to give you a fair and accurate vote, and make it count…I had to give bogus uninformed votes for 2/3 of the other listings! So the Trippies may be fair for fivehundy, but…. LOL

  11. 11 Randy in Vegas

    Christmas in Vegas is Hell on Earth. Incredibly depressing, yet utimately life-affirming. And with the economy being what it is, it promises to be as cheap as hell to American and Eurotrash tourists alike. God bless us every one.

  12. 12 Kurt from LA

    Randy’s right. NYNY is swarming with tail-for-hire… but not at all with top shelf talent. But what can you expect with low budget $5-$10 blackjack tables and nothing but 6-5 idiot traps. The tables are so ghetto there that the dealers actually call out “black action” with $100 bets.

    For an adult parade around 1:00AM, check out the Venetian slots along the path from registration to the hotel’s main elevators. Or the garden area between the Palazzo & the Venetian.

    BTW: Can you please stop all the shitty profanity in the podcast? It takes away from the fucking quality of the podcast. And stop with all the drunk dials ‘cuz them really detracts blargh manatee smurf hamster skymall. Lust, Cocktails, & Lobsters. Stay horrrrrrrrrny. This is Kurt signing off. When life give you whores, fuck the whores. ONE TIME, baby, ONE TIME.

  13. 13 Chris From Santa Cruz

    Couple of things:

    1) I don’t know what was going on, but the audio for the show was mistimed. Several of the intros to the calls were interlaced (ohh, I’m a geek, I yes I am) were the start of the actual calls. There was also a corresponding delay of dead air on the back of each call. Dunno if anyone else heard it. It was just odd to hear. Normally the podcast sounds all professional and shit.

    2) So I have a friend of mine that is trying to go to Vegas after December 15th. Yes, the rates are cheap. Yes, I can expect the Christmas music. But how is the energy at the table? The clientele? Do the lower rates attract the amateur hour or can you still have fun gambling away your gift money? Do the hookers tone it down or are they out in full force? Are the strip clubs dead? Inquiring minds want to know!

  14. 14 Tim

    Hey Chris. I fucked up the voice mail track and didn’t catch it before uploading the track. I have since replaced the bad version with a fixed file.

  15. 15 Chris from Santa Cruz


    No biggie. Just wanted to make you aware of it. I tend to sync pretty close to your posting time, so I must have grabbed the wrong one.

    It didn’t bother my enjoyment of the show at all. Thanks for the update.

  16. 16 Dram_man

    “Black action”??!?!? Why the action gotta be black?

  17. 17 Lou in England

    It’s my first day back at work after 5 nights at Disneyland, 6 nights in Las Vegas and 3 nights at home recovering. There were too many kids at Disney but I suppose better there than Las Vegas, which was as wonderful as ever and I’m already counting down to next years November vacation.

    We stayed at TI which I’d recommend, having stayed the last 3 years in Bellagio, we decided to go for a cheaper option but still wanted a fairly central location and comparing them dollar for dollar we got better value from TI and I’d stay there again.

    I haven’t heard the podcast for a few weeks so don’t know if this is still a relevant topic of conversation but I put $100 through the MGM Lions Share machine on Saturday 15th and walked away $100 down, I think the jackpot’s at $2.3m.

    I wanted to tour the Neon Boneyard during our visit, but my husband didn’t (he named it the light bulb museum) so I booked us in for a tour on my birthday so he didn’t have much choice but to go. With a donation of $15 per person it was good value, and the donations are helping fund the work to open it to the public in late 2009/early 2010. We had a guided tour which lasted about an hour and a half, so if you go take a drink with you. Our guide was a volunteer called Justin, who was very entertaining and for a guy in his early 20’s he knew his Las Vegas history (Michele you’d love the big Silver Slipper which I know you’ve mentioned before).

    Didn’t see any shows, or eat at any fancy restaurants, didn’t go further north than Wynn or further south than MGM Grand, didn’t visit any casino’s downtown and yet managed to keep busy for 6 days – I don’t know where the time goes.

    I wore my FHBM tee with pride on Wednesday and was asked a few times about it (mainly by the dealers) so hopefully your viewing numbers will go up.

  18. 18 mike from Montreal


    Hennes & Mauritz

    founded in Sweden in 1947

  19. 19 Terry in San Jose

    Yes, in desperate times, new Vegas tv shows helps when you dont see your next Vegas trip on the horizon. Also, helps when tv series, has a Las Vegas storyline for an episode. How about Knight Rider this week? The storyline has typical for Vegas episode; card counting, boy meets girl, and cage robbery, and they used a Palm Springs hotel instead. I heard the Montecito in there for some reason. Though you would had hope for something better from the former executive producer of Las Vegas(NBC tv show), still it was worth that one hour to get me one hour closer to my next Vegas trip.

    No, Vegas during Christmas is not wrong. Yeah, Vegas during Christmas is definitely a different vibe than any other time of the year. But all bets are off this year. With the way the economy is this year things could be a lot different. My Vegas Xmas past experience was strips clubs are dead or even shut down. The energy I am sure is good if they have money to play. The clientele is different because it is mostly people who dont celebrate X mas(hint I am trying to be PC). dont know about the hookers. Good Luck!

    I dont mind the Lions Share update. Hopefully somebody from this podcast wins it.

  20. 20 Randy in Vegas

    If you’ve ever seen the original 1982 Knight Rider pilot, the beginning of it takes place in Vegas. Michael Long was shot in Las Vegas and “died” there, before his identity was changed and he became Michael Knight.

    I’m slightly obsessive about Las Vegas movies and TV shows…I even own “The Las Vegas Serial Killer”, despite the fact that it’s probably the crappiest thing ever committed to film.

  21. 21 Terry in San Jose

    Thanks for the info, Randy! I probably have seen the pilot of the original Knight Rider as a that gawdy geeky teen aka Billy in the current episode, but dont remember because I wasnt a Las Vegas fan at the time though and it was a long time ago. but I do remember the dying in the desert so Las Vegas would make sense. Sorry more to add about last night Knight Rider! There was some Montecito stuff in there as well. They should have recycled the Montecito for this episode since it is green week on NBC.

  22. 22 Randy in Vegas

    If you’ve seen the Monk episode where he goes to Vegas, it was shot on the set of the Las Vegas TV series (meaning, they got nowhere NEAR Vegas). They shot on weekends when the set was available. I’m not a Monk fan (I liked it the first time I saw it, when it was called Columbo), so I didn’t like the episode very much. James Brolin is particularly bad, though, doing an embarrassing Donald Trump impersonation. The casino’s not called the Montecito on the Monk episode, though…I think it’s called the Monticello or some such nonsense, because there are M’s on all the props and they couldn’t change the set.

  23. 23 Ken

    I just got my hands on GNR’s Chinese Democracy. Talk about life giving lemons…

  24. 24 Jim J.

    I just took at look at Southwest’s vacation packages for the last week in February, which traditionally in these parts (upstate NY) that kids are off from school.

    Rates were pretty reasonable – 4 nights at New York New York (arrive Sunday, leave Thursday) was less than $500 per person, flight & hotel included.

    PH, TI, MGM, Luxor were all about the same, $530/pp.

    Downtown casinos were almost all under $500, mostly in the neighbourhood of $450.

    I’m thinking if this is a week that kids are out of school, their parents aren’t going to be taking them to Las Vegas for a family vacation…around here, that’s when they all take them to Orlando. Any thoughts?

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