Five Hundy by Midnight 191: Stealth Trip Report

Trippies 2008 : Best of Las Vegas

Las Vegas podcast #191 includes:

  • Rainman opener
  • Las Vegas is slow
  • Imperial Palace closes restaurants
  • Las Vegas signs are poorly maintained
  • O’Shea’s gets psychic booth and cigar shop
  • Karaoke returns to Bill’s
  • Mirage previews renovated volcano
  • New York New York renovations
  • Mirage erects Terry Fator marquee
  • Bigger Bang, Star Trek, Happy Days and Cliffhanger slot reviews
  • Trip photos
  • Listener calls
  • Hungover for Vegas by Joe Sedita
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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23 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 191: Stealth Trip Report

  1. I mis-spoke on my call about room rates. When I first booked my room at The Mirage back in August, three nights was $313. I re-booked the other day and now I am paying $244 for the same nights.

    Not bad. Be sure to re-check those room rates if you have a trip coming up and you originally booked a while back.

  2. What’s the urine content of most Vegas pools?!?!

    I think that’s a good investigative venture… (60 Minutes, are you listening?)

  3. Agree with those room rates. Booked origionaly in May ( hey, I know its a long wait for Feb from May but need to know when the next Vegas trip is to look forward to )& rebooked recently. First booking was 5 Nights Flamingo Go Rooms followed by 5 Nights Orleans. Just rebooked 4 Nights Orleans followed by 6 Nights Flamingo Go Rooms – saving nearly $300 ( with the weekend in Go rooms now rather than Orleans, 4 nights at the Orleans costing a total of $120 helped ).

    Still time for them to go down more yet I guess, 3 months and counting.

  4. I can vouch for room rates staying low. I live in a weekly here (I’ve mentioned it before) and I pay $199 a week (which seems high until you consider everything’s included). I’ve been here almost a year and the rates show no sign of increasing (they have to give us at least 30 days notice when they do). When I was at Budget Suites at Flamingo and Boulder Highway in 2005, they jacked the rent up on me twice. Those were the good ol’ days…when people still wanted to come to Vegas.

  5. Your off premises slot reviews are almost as bad as your on site reviews.

    Did you notice anyone playing a bonus at Star Trek or Piggies?

    Let us know the next time you visit and I will send a donation for your play.

    Apparently at the G2E show they preset the demo machines to the bonus rounds according to VegasGang.


  6. Thanks again guys for the Steakhouse reviews.
    I booked Bills for $50 a night for two nights and used a $50 Expedia coupon, so $50 for two nights in January.
    My wife and I stay away from all pools for hygiene reasons. If they start testing those pools I think it would conflict with the image the hotels prefer to have. Instead of throwing in free play on those cheesy slots that no one wins on anyway , the hotels could give discounts to the local hospitals and drug stores. A $50 Walgreens gift card would get me to stay !
    Thanks again for playing my tune guys you are the best.
    If I get to meat you one day I will buy you some meat.

  7. I was not offended by your covert visit to Las Vegas. But when I spotted you guys walking down the Strip surrounded by beefy men dressed in dark suits and sunglasses, kicking the common folk out of your way, I thought that was a bit much.

  8. I am hearing a lot of talk about a few very special events that will be happening on the Strip and wanted to make sure everyone was up to speed.

    December 7th there is going to be a re-enactment of Pearl Harbor in the lake in front of Bellagio. Remote controlled planes and such. Should be a site to see.

    Late afternoon on the 8th there will be a tribute in the form of a re-enactment of Hiroshimi at the new volcano at Mirage.

  9. Regarding…
    The Green Glow- I was near Palace Station late Wednesday night and could see the Green Glow from all the way up there. Plus the yellow glow from everything on the north end of the Strip made it even cooler.

    Humidity vs Dryness during your trip- Most of the people I associate with spent those few days complaining about how the blood and other stuff that normally fills our encrusted sinus cavities during dry times was loosened up and draining those couple of days.

    Diamond Lounges- H and I agree Paris Diamond Lounge is the nicest. Personally I like the little table near the window in Rio.

    Tips- I HIGHLY doubt any one person is/was making $1,000 a day in tips other than hookers or strippers or perhaps doorman taking shitty/shady bribes. No bartenders or valets or doormen make that. think about it- $1000 x 260 working days = $260,000 per year.

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  11. About de-theming — when you stay at Luxor or Paris you remember for a long time. That’s the funny thing about cheesy themes, they’re kind of fun.

    So many of the new properties have identity problems, are they condo hotels for business travelers with names like Platinum, Panarama, Streamline, Veer, Vdara,
    Turnberry Place, Turnberry Towers.

  12. RE: Slowness.

    You can tell by the photos that it’s pretty dead. There’s a shot in the photos taken from one of the pedestrian bridges and there are only 10 people on the entire sidewalk. Do you remember approximately what time the photo was taken?

  13. I think the slowness can be attributed to the week of the year it is…i work at a major airport in a major city and business travel shuts down starting the friday before thanksgiving and leisure travel takes over slowly until wednesday when it gets nuts….vegas being a convention and vacation destination I see why it was slow….now if the trend of tubble weeds continues into the usual hot times then there is a need to be concerned….the last two weeks are just really odd travel weeks in general.

  14. Just left Vegas after 3 days at the Mirage ($88 for a Tower Deluxe room). I tried to download the podcast using the new iPhone 2.2 software and one of the free wireless hotspots around town. Unfortunately after downloading the entire 72MB, the iPhone told me there was a problem downloading the podcast, click to retry. I tried various times and it did not work – other podcasts were downloading without issue. Has anyone else had the same problem?

  15. Just noticed the picture on the Facebook group.

    Is that you and the dog, Tim?

    Don’t do it!

    Get a cat!


  16. Saw the picture of the adios mutherfucker and can only voice my approval. A very tasty long island variation.

  17. I agree with Tim and Michelle ……………Harrah’s properties are the cheesiest low level places on the strip. Buying Caesars or even changing their name will not make a difference. I get free comp offers all the time , because I play in some of their properties but can’t bring it in me to stay in one ever again. they are the “WalMart/Dollar General” of Casinos

    MGM properties consistantly have better rooms,service,comps and play. Even “Excaliber” ranks higher than most Harrah’s casinos and it’s bad.

    I can’t defend Circus Circus though …..maybe Harrah’s should buy them. It fits their target clientele

    IP, Bills, Bally’s Flamingo,Casino Royale , Harrah’s all cater to the discount consumer and when I go to Vegas 4-5 times a year I want something better than a Holiday Inn.

  18. We have a group that goes to Vegas annually. I started watching hotel rates a few years ago. Regardless of how busy it is, the best times to book are right before you go, and strangely about 4 mos before. Book early and watch the rates, but be aware if you make multiple reservations at Harrah’s properties they will only honor the most recently made one.

    I had made reservations for several people in my name and when they showed up, they only had one reservation. We worked it out, but it was a hassle.

    Edina Al

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