15 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 202: Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

  1. I assume Mrs. Fivehundy will be checking out the Liechester Square casinos while in London. Depending on how long it was been since her last visit the Empire may be new. Very reserved compared to US casinos.

  2. Thanks for putting this out Tim. Not many people would make the effort to walk out at 6AM and record their thoughts for a bunch of faceless internet subscribers. Where else could you walk around at 6 AM and still get your senses overloaded.

    I can understand if you live in Vegas or travel there frequently then maybe this episode has less appeal. I have only been to Vegas once and your strip walk brought back tonnes of happy memories. I kept thinking “oh yeh, I had forgot that was there”.

    It was strange listening to the podcast and remembering bright sunny Vegas whilst I drove home in the dark driving pissing rain.

  3. Tim-the only thing missing is some disco music in the background so I could work out to your stroll down the strip. If Michelle is gone maybe you could do her voice so it’s like she is there. joe

  4. I have to agree with ChrisW…that was a trip down memory lane. The sights. The sounds. The energy. Anything that puts us in that place is worth listening to. You’re too hard on yourself, Tim, calling that a “train wreck.” It was a welcome relief from my daily grind. I listened to it on my way into work on the DC Metro Rail this morning and, thanks to your listening tour, I could ignore the ice and snow and pretend I was passing by Harrah’s on my way to Encore.

  5. My day has been made.

    Was able to put show 202 and Steve and Miles’ interview with Dean Martin’s son on the same CDRW with 1 minute to spare.

    Oh the little things in life that makes one happy.

    BTW where’s the slot play? Want to hear about Star Trak, the picture.


  6. Tosh, that was not bad at all Tim. Was not sure if I was driving to work or down the strip yesterday morning though. Maybe that is good. Gives me the experience of a daily commute in LV in case we ever move there.

    What happened to an audio tour of the Gold Coast ?

  7. I’ll pile on…

    Yesterday morning I was walking down the Strip, drink in-hand and taking it all in, not driving to a job I hate in my too small car and wondering whether this would be the day they tell us we’re all taking a 2% pay cut.

    It’s all about escaping to a better place. Once or twice a year, I get to do that for reals, while on vacation. The other 50 weeks, it’s an hour at a time, through FHBM.

    Thanks for what you do.

  8. 9 p.m. ET on Friday, March 6, a special edition of “20/20” will feature the Las Vegas Legends in a one hour special highlighting them through the years and their farewell performance at the Keep Memory Alive Power of Love Gala.

  9. This episode was awesome…that is…if you are a hardcore Vegas junkie. Efficienados could totally follow you as you roamed the strip. This show made me feel like part of an exclusive club…because any other normal person not familiar/obbessed with the city would be like, “WTF is he talking about, and how if the F is this entertaining?

    I looked at it as a mini-vacation for the mind. Thanks tim.

  10. I really enjoyed the show too. I’m off to Vegas on Sunday and it was nice to hear what I get to see soon. Made me very glad that I already had a trip planned because listening to the show made me miss being there. I did miss hearing Michele’s voice though. Maybe you could do a special show when she gets back so she can talk about her trip? I’m hoping she posts some pics on Flickr.
    Thanks for the shows…you guys are so great!!

  11. I enjoyed the show… in January during CES I took the same “Tour” (except I started at Harrah’s). Loved Encore, really class. Even when I took a Bengie and put it into a VP machine at the bar and was asked if I wanted a drink… $6 + Tip later my taste for the “good life” was squelched.

    No comp too small to cut!

    After they closed the ‘dust, the best early morning “Hooker Haunt” has been either Bengie Bar at the Flamingo, or the small side bar in Harrah’s. CES brought them out in full force. Where else can you enjoy a drink, VP, and live entertainment at 6am?

  12. I’m not so sure, you may be right, it may have been crap. 🙂

    Actually, the hardcore amongst us have made much of that trek on many occasions and the show was appreciated. I found myself wondering if you’d go in or comment on some of the areas that I know.

    Have you noticed that nobody walks from Encore/Wynn to the BC on the Mirage side of the road? Everything over there is so far back from the road, but on the east side of LVB most of it is right on the sidewalk.
    It’s the only stretch like that I can think of, other than the AC boardwalk.

  13. Tim,

    The SoundScapes are likely an aquired tast, but for me, it’s almost like being there. I could see my self making the trek, enjoying your descriptions and hearing the various background sounds, music, etc. Saw the pics on Flicker first, I was wondering whyEnrore was so empty – it was 6:00AM !- you are a mad man.

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