Five Hundy by Midnight 262: Kardashian-Specific Retail Podcast

Las Vegas podcast #262 includes:

  • Garage Mahal opener
  • Cosmopolitan sets opening date
  • Lady Luck plans move ahead
  • MGM Mirage becomes MGM Resorts International
  • Welcome to the M life
  • Mirage gets a Kardashian-specific retail project
  • Cheap Cheap Trick tickets
  • Lord of the Rings slot machines coming soon
  • Our sponsor: VegasMate
  • Listener calls about Hash House, Palazzo, The Griffin, Earl of Sandwich, Lion’s Share, Bill’s, Le Burger Brasserie, Total Experience fail, Flamingo Go Pool’s closure and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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11 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 262: Kardashian-Specific Retail Podcast

  1. Gawd, could I sound any gayer???? In my defense, it was late in my trip and I was loopy from lack of sleep. I was having too much fun to sleep.

    What do you mean a 7 minute call with nothing but a guy playing a slot machine is too long??? Yeah, I realized about halfway through it was getting a bit lengthy. But that was my first slot machine win EVER, so maybe I should call in every time I play one 😉

    One thing I forgot to mention – saw Vinnie Favorito’s show at Flamingo Friday night. Very funny but also vey vulgar. His show mainly consists of interacting with the audience and making fun of them – so hilarious. He has a very thick, scratchy “New Joisey” accent, which is very appropriate for an insult comic. I am glad I had 2-for-1 tickets, because it was a little spendy. Why are even the minor shows so expensive in Vegas nowadays? I know there has to be a profit margin, but Cheeses S. Crust it’s getting a little much. Anyway, if you have the money to burn, enjoy laughing at other people and can laugh at youself, I can recommend it.

    BTW that last day without a hotel room netted me almost $1000, so it was definitely worth it, although I did smell like I didn’t have a hotel room after. I feel sorry for the cutie next to me on the flight out.

  2. BeeeJay and Gaggles LIVE 4th of July TRIP REPORT!!!!

    please join us as I take a sucker bet and let Aria reel me in again with a tempting offer, with my partner in crime gaggles and friends close to my side, shenanaigans and debaucchery are sure to follow. please join us for live updates and pics posted as often as we are sober enough to upload ’em.

    Mad props to Tim and Michele for getting me thru the past few months of solid work with their library of archived podcasts, I’m down to the 190’s now.

    Here is our report (pre-report planning so far, but alwyas interesting smack talk anywho):


  3. Andy from Des Moines – don’t feel sorry for the cutie who sat next to you on the flight home, she got a chance to play the old FHBM favorite – Meat or B.O.?

  4. “Kardashian Khaos,” the new retail shop at the Mirage. The higher end resorts need to stop catering to douches with all these shops, tattoo parlors and night clubs.

  5. t-6…stay tuned for Gambling FOR Tim and Michelle coming from P-Ho VP machine.

  6. Quick. Best wings in Vegas? Go. (We leave in less than 48 hours and I need suggestions.)

  7. We vote for October 30th. Vegas at Halloween is a gas and we are there!!

    Maureen and Dan

  8. Your love for Earl of Sandwich is awesome. I don’t love that place, but I have similar love (lust?) for the steak and eggs at Grand Lux @ Venetian. There may be better steak and better eggs and better coffee, but the combo rules!

    Everybody enjoy the long weekend!


  9. Looks like Lord of the Rings is out, so far at Flamingo, Caesars, Harrah’s, and IP.

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