Five Hundy by Midnight 265: It’s Official

Las Vegas podcast #265 includes:

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36 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 265: It’s Official

  1. Gotta agree with your caller–the Buffet of Buffets “deal” isn’t a deal any more. I wonder how high Harrahs thinks they can jack the price before the general public figures that out? That might be an interesting experiment….

    Also agree about East Coast Gambler–great blog!

  2. Just wanted to comment about taking shuttles to/from the hotels. I have used the various airport shuttles most every trip to Vegas, and feel they are fine for my needs. I have taken most of them, and have found them all to be about the same quality. I usually find that they get me to the hotel within about 15-20 minutes, even with stopping at other hotels. (The only time it took an hour for me was when I stayed at the Stratosphere.) Your mileage may vary, especially if you have to go downtown or the north end of the strip.

    I would much prefer if they would flat rate the cabs for common destinations — $20 between the strip and the airport, $15 strip to strip property, $20 between strip and downtown, and $25 between airport and downtown. I guess the cab union would be highly opposed to this.

  3. Regarding the Pocket Casino, I was walking through the Palazzo/Venetian on my last trip on my way to see the Blue Man Group show (which was awesome BTW — highly recommend). They were giving out the promotional play to anyone who wanted it. They handed me a card for $50 in gaming credit. I think you have to put in $50 of your own money as well, and then play through the $100 before you can cash out. The pocket casino can be used anywhere in the Palazzo and Venetian — casino, restaurants, bars, etc. I don’t think it was accessible from the rooms, but I could be wrong about that.

  4. Thank you both so much for the kind words. I’m looking forward to shoe based slots in the future. I prefer Puma or Etnies though. 🙂

    RE: Shuttles. I agree with Tim. When I land in Vegas there is NO waiting to get to the hotel. I shuttled on one of my first trips. It took 45 minutes to get to Harrah’s. Never again!

    I just realized that I’m planning to be in Vegas 2 weeks before palooza. Next time!


  5. Regarding restroom attendants at Planet Hollywood, yes, they do have those at least on weekend nights, along with a full assortment of products you can use. They may be in there on weeknights as well, but were not in there during the day. It’s weird to walk into the restroom, and have someone say “Welcome to the restroom.” How do you respond to that? I mean, are they going to offer to seat me or give me a tour? Do they have any recommendations that might enhance my visit? If there is a wait, will they take my name and offer me a pager? Is there a brochure advertising the services of the restroom?

  6. An insider at Harrah’s told me that the plan with the Buffet of Buffets pricing is to steadily increase it until it is actually more expensive to purchase that plan than to purchase at the buffets separately. They believe that this will be wildly popular, generating enough revenue to fund a massive marketing campaign designed to convice guests that 6:5 Blackjack is actually a better deal for them than 3:2 Blackjack.

    The Fat Tuesday beneath MGM Grand has been gone for about 4 or 5 years now, perhaps longer.

  7. Hey guys, thanks so much for the shoutout for Tasting Las Vegas! I’m hoping to get Tasting Las Vegas: The Podcast up and running by the big Palooza, fingers crossed. Let’s get a bite next time yous guys are in town.

    Thanks again!

    Mike at

  8. To the caller from Holland! Cheap Trick would be my choice! Just was there 2 weeks ago, and they were fantabulous!! Would definately go again!

  9. Oh yeah…6:5 Blackjack is waaayyy better than 3:2 Blackjack because you get paid $6 for every $5 instead of only $3 for every $2. Harrah’s could sell that to the majority of tourists so easily.

  10. Guess they got too big to let people know when they will be in Vegas. Can’t be bothered to hang with you lowly listeners anymore so it’s secret trips from now on. But hey, keep those donations coming…

  11. CT,

    Hold the fuck on a second. Just because these 2 choose to put this podcast out for us to enjoy that means they no longer get to go to Vegas for a trip that is just for them? Get real.

    They loved Vegas long before they started this and were married there. As listeners, we have no right to expect that they turn over their entire Vegas life to be shared with the rest of us. If that is your expectation, please move on to another site.

    I didn’t make the first Podcast-A-Palooza, but made it last year. Personally I was amazed by how approachable and open these 2 are. The semi-infamous story of the Hooker encounter Tim and I had on an early morning at the Pho would never have happed were it not for this.

    Last weekend, I had a sense that they might be going out there for a trip for themselves soon. I am happy I was right. I was disappointed when I saw the first twitter post that confirmed they were there because I knew exactly this would happen.

    I’ve donated plenty over the years. They can go out there as much as they goddamn want. Should they want to include any of us in it, that’s a bonus for this community.

    Leave them alone, they deserve it. Everybody does.

  12. Mark– about Blue Man group, it is a decent show, but I was dissapointed on my last trip, they havent updated their act in 10 years, its exactly the same. I really liked it the first time.

  13. I don’t know why anyone would be upset about their taking an unannounced trip to our favorite city. Besides, they’ve taken “secret” trips in the past and always come back and give a nice, full trip report afterwards. And after all, isn’t that why we all started listening in the first place? For the trip info and other Vegas-related tips?

    I didn’t tune in back in 2006 because I expected them to turn their travel itineraries over to me and carve out space each trip to be my personal Vegas travel friends.

    I look at this the opposite way…they were planning to surprise me with an unexpected live trip report with multiple sound seeing tours.

    Hey don’t ruin the surprise.

  14. I am not annoyed. I just hope that Tim gors to see his Hero, Lionel Richie at the Collesium.

    Besides, we are going to be there for the Podcatapalooza nad finally get to meet them.


  15. I’m incredibly jealous! Dying to be in Vegas right now! Have fun you two!

  16. Snippy comments are good! That’s how Michele and Tim got the moniker “Vegas Mafia!” Actually, I think of you guys as the Dr. Jennifer Melfi and Dr. Eliott Kupferberg of the southern Nevada crew

  17. They HAVE to take their trips in secret now. Otherwise, it would be nothing but paparazzi hounding the worlds most famous Las Vegas podcasters EVER! Actually, it’d be more interesting than anything Paris, Lindsay, or Kim have ever done…but I digress.

    For our own sake tho, which one of you REALLY wants to see a drunken upskirt of Tim as he leaves Pure at 3 AM? *shudder*

  18. Well said, Mark. Absolutely.

    On another note, from P-Ho Facebook status:
    “…Vegas guests spent $12.7 million on resort fees last month…”. I suppose that’s a realistic figure, considering, but damn.

  19. The Fat Tuesday’s downstairs at MGM Grand was still there as of a few months ago. I had a drink there.
    To find it as you walk in front entrance to massive hotel obbly to your right there is a small hallway that leads to a escalator, at the bottom of the escalator there is the Fat Tuesday’s along with 4-5 shops on the way to the parking garage.

  20. John: Really? My bad, I could have sworn it was gone. Sorry for the misinformation!

  21. Thanks for the Shuttle advice everyone…me and the mrs are gonna give it a shot on the way to our hotel…back to the airport is up in the air…i will follow up…

    The Secret Trips of Tim and Michele are great…makes for great shows when they return.

  22. Hey,

    How did you guys figure out that Tim and Michelle did go to Vegas? Were they on TMZ? Good for them, they deserve it with their great podcast that I have listened to for the last four years. Wish I could go to the Podcast Palooza, but too busy at work and didn’t want to deal with the craziness of Halloween. Hopefully this year, the video of the Palooza will be better quality since I found last year’s very grainy. Also, man it is hot in Vegas right now, so curious how they handle that heat.

  23. Cindy,

    Thanks, just booked Cheap Trick and just might follow Tim´s advice to check out Steel Panther as well the same evening.

  24. Chris, (from San Francisco)

    A) Twitter and Facebook

    2) I’m guessing this year you will have mutiple sources of video to choose from. 🙂

  25. Hmmm..some interesting (and a little uncharacteristic) exchanges going on that there @fivehundy Twitter account…

  26. Agree with Richard from Lawrence.

    I can understand Tim’s frustration with tweets intruding on their last LV visit, but some of his comments were inappropriate. Unfortunately, Tim and Michelle are in the public eye w/this show, so that comes with some unwelcome exposure.

    While Tim, of course, does not work for any of the fans of the show, tweeting from an account that bears the show’s name does blur the line between the Dresden’s personal vacation and the exchanges/opinions we all have about LV, the whole raison d’etre of the show.

    All that said, this is a *terrific* show put on by a *terrific* couple. Really enjoy the news, updates, and mutual enjoyment we all get from being fans of LV and fans of fivehundy. I look forward each week or so to hearing the latest about LV and everyone’s experiences there, so thanks for what you do, and congrats on what sounded like a great LV trip!

  27. Good link Chris. “Join the adventure” I think I didn’t really get my point across in my shitty call to the show about levels on that game w/regards to the bonus opportunities, which include lots of walking on a dark path, the fight, then the search for the ring. Yawn. That slot is going to hook some people though, especially with the video-game like draw of advancing levels.

    As for Tim and Michelle in Vegas, I really like it when they talk about their experiences in Vegas- a ton. Meet-ups with fans and the recap of said meetups sn’t exactly why most listeners make time for the show I’d guess. Plus on this last podcast they mentioned a meet up room, and hotel deals. I think they’re saying “come on down in October” so where’s the hard feelings?

    I’m a big fan of the show, but will not be in Vegas in October, because my Padres will be playing in a little something called “The World Series”

  28. BC deserves kudos for finding those for Michele. Beats a shoe-tini.

  29. CT – Hey loserboy, why don’t you get off of the computer and go make a real live friend. These people do this podcast for our benefit. It is entertaining and a great source of information. They don’t need to take shit from an asshat like you.

  30. Just wanted to thank you for turning me on to the site.
    I listen to T&M all the time and always wished they would have some Ac related content. The ECG site fills that void

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