Five Hundy by Midnight 271: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Las Vegas podcast #271 includes:

  • The Hitmen opener
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza details
  • Lion attacks trainer at MGM Grand
  • Monte Carlo signs Jabbawockeez
  • Liberace Museum announces closure
  • Rehab is back, Real World is returning
  • Support our sponsor: Vegas Mate
  • Listener calls about switching rooms, Aria, MGM Grand, Palazzo, Beso, Sinatra, CityCenter customer service, Human Nature, Viva Elvis, Rio shuttle problems, Garth Brooks and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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26 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 271: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

  1. To Judy — you should go to the Harrah’s website, and send their customer service a complaint about your negative experience with the shuttle (and any other negative experiences). I think they will do what they can to improve things based upon customer comments.

    My call was played after yours, and at the end I talked about my experience last trip at Paris. My table was cleared before I was done eating, and I sent an e-mail to Harrah’s customer service. The manager contacted me and invited me back on my next trip. One recommendation I made was that they have cards that say “I’m still eating” on one side, and “I’m done” on the other. Well, they took that suggestion and put it into practice. I had an excellent experience at the Paris buffet this trip.

  2. Tim & Michelle,

    Thank you for the advice concerning the resort fees at Palazzo. I wasn’t even told about the resort fee when I checked in. I plan on sending an email to Palazzo customer service about this issue today. When I return to the Palazzo in October & November (another comp stay) I will ask for the fees to be waived.

  3. I knew one of those lions would eventually attack a trainer.

    Probably did it just out of pure boredom.

  4. I just wanted to thank you, Mark, for your great suggestion to Harrahs. I’ve always wondered how buffet waitstaff know when you’re actually done eating vs. just going up for more food and have always thought there should be a way at the table to signal them when you’re really done. (Of course, I never did anything about it.)

    Judy, I had the same situation happen with the shuttles last year–having to wait through 2 full ones before I could get a ride. Luckily, I wasn’t headed to a show. But you would think if this is a common occurrence, Harrahs would see that happening and realize they need to increase the number, frequency or size of shuttles (or, as you say, restrict them to people staying at a Harrahs property, though that would make me sad, since I often take advantage of them even when not staying at one of their properties). The other thing I really wish they would do with these shuttles is control the drunks on them. Last one I was on, there was a very drunk girl sitting right behind me, shouting into my ear the whole way. I spent the whole ride praying she wouldn’t puke on me.

  5. Based on our experiences at Mon Ami Gabi earlier in the year, Buffets should not be the only places where there should be “we are still eating” signs. Yes, we ate late in the evening on a week night there but there was no excuse for a certain waiter we had taking napkins and cutlery whilst we were still eating! He just kept diving into the table ( almost literally ) without a word taking items we had not finished with. Still, a more friendly other member of staff brought all the items back eventually.

  6. I went to the Monte Carlo website to see what was up with this Jugaloos group or whatever and man – Mini Kiss! Playing on 10/31! Please tell me someone has booked them for Podcastapalooza the day before!!!

  7. Boy are we a spoiled bunch.

    Complaining about a $19 charge for a room that is comped and worth $700-$800 anywhere else in the world.

    If you can’t afford the resort fee, stay out of one of the best hotel\casinos in the city.

    And it you are being charged a fee, then you aren’t playing enough. The Palazzo is very generous with the rooms and the resort fee is not charged to a medium player. We have two trips booked and no fees are being charged and we re not gold players.

    I aslo object to the concept of staying and not playing. If you do not play in the casino then you have no right to expect to be comped for the room. We always make sure that the majority of our play is in the casino that we are staying in.

    You don’t play, you lose your comps. Simple business strategy.


  8. I can’t believe you won’t watch REHAB this season since there is a Real World connection. One of the rich spoiled cock tails is from Real World Cancun.

    (Note:can’t believe I am posting this. can you change my name and font?)

  9. Play but not stay: everywhere downtown. We do a downtown tour one night of each trip, and we hop around to all of the casinos. Hard Rock is my other favorite casino, but we also stay there if their offer is good enough.

    Stay but not play: Trump Hotel. We stayed here under a great deal from Priceline…plush accomodations and a quick walk to the Wynn properties. It’s a great spot for a couples style trip since the rooms are extra big (incredible bathrooms) and it quiets down at night.

  10. Trump is easy. No casino. My son stayed there on a good deal. I am not sure how they can make money if the rooms are cheap and there is no gambling. Do the restaurants overcharge?

    Hard Rock, Never stayed at the hotel, but like to play at the casino. Won’t stay there. Too noisy.

    M, ditto but like to play there as well. May take a free offer if it fits. Usually comp at the buffet, though.

    We also stay and play at the Hilton and the Wynncore. Have free rooms at both places based upon play. No resort fee yet.

    The Hilton gives us New Year’s, football, and Kentucky Derby parties. Love the Sportsbook.

    Haven’t been downtown for 5 years but we hav a res at the Firefly so probably will go there this year.


  11. Damn! Greg from PA beat me to it. Brandon Flowers and ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ is destined to be a show opener in the near future.

    “Give us your dreamers, your harlots and your sin. Las Vegas
    Didn’t nobody tell you the house will always win?”

    I long to see this above the entrance of the Hard Rock in the future, or in a perfect world, right underneath the Vegas sign.

  12. Hey Dan,

    Whle I am glad you didn’t experience any problems with the resort fees when you stayed in Vegas, don’t assume that my problem was based on my level of gambling or non-gambling at the hotel. Quite simply, somebody messed up big time.

    I am a VIP at the Palazzo as well as at other properties (Wynn, Mgm, HET properties, Coast, etc.) in Vegas. But even if I wasn’t a VIP player, the resort fees are not targeted to folks based on their gambling activity. This fee is a tax to generate revenue for the hotels. Like any other fee, the hotels will charge this to any traveller if they think you will pay it or hid it in your fees for the room. Whether its $1must explain this to anyone when they book a room ahe hotel AND when you checkin to the hotel.

    I should have been told about the resort fee when I checked into the hotel and furthermore what services I was entitled to use that the resort fee covered. That’s deceptive advertising whether the room costs you $400 or nothing. If I had been told about it, I would have contacted my executive host who would have removed it. Why this wasn’t done until after I complained is a mystery since it was promptly done (with a refund and incentive to return) after I complained. I also would have used some the services (newspapers, internet, fitness center) if the fee was not going to waived.

    Lastly, I have already “paid” dearly for the free room and I don’t feel I have to pay one penny more.

  13. Hey Jeff from outside of Boston

    The best time for an upgrade is after the cattle rush, 7-9 pm when cancellations are processed. Ask for a late check in if you’re getting tricky, so you at least get your room type. But, make sure if you play that game you really know what kind of upgrade earns the agent a 20-50$ tip. I think this kind of maneuver should just be done for fun, most upgrades are a combination of luck and a perky agent. There’s no magic out there unless you gamble and can work your host! Monday nights I’ve heard are the most canceled night in Vegas.

  14. Judy,

    I’m not a VIP, no limo’s or private game’s being offered. But when I’ve been comped at MGM properties I’ve never been assessed the resort fee. I’ve never heard of comp offers being subject to these charges. Please share more about what you learned at Palazzo and Venetian. Do you get full RFB? Or is it a combo of one night free with discounted rooms, etc? I bet full RFB people who do stuff like charge shopping etc to their room, could overlook such a charge.

  15. I agree with all of you including Judy, You sohuld not have been charged the fee and made it clear on checkout. I guess I didn’t realize that you were a VIP.

    I am just commenting on the cost of the room and it’s quality.

    BTW did you use the internet? If not then the fee is truly inappropriate.

    The resort fee at the Palazzo is less of an annoyance than some of thei the rooms when you are paying $50 and a fee of $15 a 30% surcharge.

    If oyu were paying at the V\P the cost would be in the $150-$175 rande and the $17 becomes only a 10% surcharge.


  16. Rehab!!! While the show on TruTV is a worse train wreck every year (I wonder if it’s even shot at the’s so overacted and fake)….it looks like the Hard Rock Cafe parent company isn’t liking the show much. A short article in the Sun-Sentinel:

  17. Being comped or otherwise the resort fee is a total scam. If they want to charge you the $15 or so, then just build it into the room rate. They separate it out so they can look good when compared to other properties. It is intentional deceit and disrespect for the customer.

    As much as I’m not a fan of Harrah’s, I stay with them because they don’t have them (as least not yet), and they are cool enough to host the Podcast-a-palooza.

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