Five Hundy by Midnight 299: Absolutely ’80s

Las Vegas podcast #299 includes:

  • World’s Toughest Fixes opener
  • Transformer fire video
  • Batman beatdown video
  • 24 Hours of Neon Vegas time-lapse video
  • Caesars signs the decaying corpse of Rod Stewart
  • Fremont Street remembers the ’80s
  • Non-Lachey, non-fugly member of 98 Degrees joins Chippendales
  • Anthony Cools opens a bar at Plaza
  • M Resort Daydream Pool Club is semi-toptional
  • We welcome our new sponsor: Viator
  • Listener calls about Cosmopolitan, The Henry, Bellagio, Bacio, Sigma Derby, Lion’s Share, renting cars in Las Vegas, Fountainbleau, show ticket discounts, Wicked Spoon, midget wrestling and more.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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10 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 299: Absolutely ’80s

  1. Last night I saw the smoke, pitch black, when I was getting home. The cloud was so huge that even 8 miles away, I thought it was just a few blocks away. The smoke covered the entire strip from my view!

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  3. Batman fight: Kiddies this is what happens when u drink too much alcohol.

    Anyway, this would have never happen if Robin was by his side. Tourists gone wild!! Whose next, porn slappers?

  4. A couple of the 80s songs you played were featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, so now I am tempted to go play that again.

    I don’t know if I’ll be seeing any of the bands on Freemont Street. I guess it depends who is playing Labor Day weekend, since that’s the next time I’ll be in Vegas. Maybe I’ll go for the complete nostalgia package: seeing an 80s band, then hitting Insert Coins for some old skool video game action.

    Speaking of 80’s bands, I might see The Cars at Lollapalooza. It just depends who is playing the other stage at the same time.

  5. Viator sounds like a blood pressure medication.

    New Cars album is Jaws for sure.

    Forget the 80’s nostalgia acts downtown. Tears for Fears at Red Rock Casino in September. Saw them thrice last year…still amazing.

  6. I am sure glad the rapture didn’t happen today. It would have ruined my upcoming Vegas trip.

  7. Having listened to podcast #301 I should have copyrighted my Viator ditty!

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