We like to surround ourselves with reminders of Las Vegas. Throughout our house, you’ll find numerous Las Vegas photos and casino collectibles. We have a neon martini glass, a miniature version of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, a glass insert from a Goldfish slot machine, tons of casino shot glasses, a small model of the Las Vegas Strip and all sorts of other Vegasy stuff.

Despite our tendency to accumulate gambling-related tchotchkes, we have our limits. I present to you whatever the hell this is:

There's a market for this shit?

Click the picture to see the ad.

If you know someone still mourning the closing of Hats!, I just saved you the trouble of searching for the perfect birthday gift. You’re welcome.


11 Responses to “…You Might Like It Though”

  1. 1 mamma_buddha

    It is the shiny metal accents that are reeling me in…

    I have SRB Syndrome. AKA Shiny Red Ball Syndrome…

  2. 2 Tim

    I like the request to “Please Respond Promptly.” I read that as, “We have a shitload of these fuckers in the warehouse and could really use the space for something else.”

  3. 3 AprilK

    OOH – she’s so SASSY and FEATHERY!

  4. 4 mike from roseville

    What a sad depiction of problem gambling and questionable taste in home decor.

  5. 5 Tim

    When the fun stops.

  6. 6 Chris From Las Vegas

    I read where the Sahara is selling the toilets from the casino bathrooms in their “everything must go sale”. Let’s see… this or a Sahara toilet… I can’t decide.

  7. 7 Lou in England

    Oooooooo shiny metallic accents

  8. 8 Gary in UK

    We to have various vegas bits around our house……and I have to admit I like a bit of tack, but this is a step to far even for me.

  9. 9 TravisL

    This is even creepier than the Buck and Winnie statues in Harrah’s. Impressive.

  10. 10 Mark

    I would actually like to see your mini model of the Vegas strip. What year does it represent?

  11. 11 Darran

    So I take it that means we will not see one of these displayed on cam for the live chat, July 4th weekend ? Darn.

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