…You Might Like It Though

We like to surround ourselves with reminders of Las Vegas. Throughout our house, you’ll find numerous Las Vegas photos and casino collectibles. We have a neon martini glass, a miniature version of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, a glass insert from a Goldfish slot machine, tons of casino shot glasses, a small model of the Las Vegas Strip and all sorts of other Vegasy stuff.

Despite our tendency to accumulate gambling-related tchotchkes, we have our limits. I present to you whatever the hell this is:

There's a market for this shit?

Click the picture to see the ad.

If you know someone still mourning the closing of Hats!, I just saved you the trouble of searching for the perfect birthday gift. You’re welcome.


11 thoughts on “…You Might Like It Though

  1. It is the shiny metal accents that are reeling me in…

    I have SRB Syndrome. AKA Shiny Red Ball Syndrome…

  2. I like the request to “Please Respond Promptly.” I read that as, “We have a shitload of these fuckers in the warehouse and could really use the space for something else.”

  3. What a sad depiction of problem gambling and questionable taste in home decor.

  4. I read where the Sahara is selling the toilets from the casino bathrooms in their “everything must go sale”. Let’s see… this or a Sahara toilet… I can’t decide.

  5. We to have various vegas bits around our house……and I have to admit I like a bit of tack, but this is a step to far even for me.

  6. I would actually like to see your mini model of the Vegas strip. What year does it represent?

  7. So I take it that means we will not see one of these displayed on cam for the live chat, July 4th weekend ? Darn.

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