Five Hundy by Midnight 304: I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me

Las Vegas podcast #304 includes:

  • Miss USA opener
  • Crazy good room offer
  • Maloofs lose control of Palms
  • Neonopolis gets a Denny’s
  • El Cortez renovates lounge bar
  • Bellagio makes questionable design decisions
  • We love our sponsor: Viator
  • Listener calls about Cosmopolitan, Julian Serrano, Aria, Tropicana, Wicked Spoon, Ka, Secret Pizza Place, Hash House, Insert Coin(s), July 4th events, Viva Elvis, Stripsteak, Foursquare deals and more.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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21 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 304: I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me

  1. Another fun show. You two have been full of enthusiasm lately and it’s contagious. Looking forward to the July 4th chat.

    Nice tribute with the closing music, too.

  2. I got an MLife offer in the same bulk emailing, but mine wasn’t nearly as good as Tim and Michelle’s. At all MLife properties, I had a suite for 3 nights and $200 in food comps. At the high-end properties (Aria, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay), there were 2-1 tix to any MGM show. At MGM, 2 free show tix. At NYNY, Monte Carlo, Luxor, and Excalibur, 2 free show tix and $300 in promo chipss.

    I’ve got a trip planned for July 9 – 12 to Aria, but I’ve already got all the arrangements made through my host, so I’m going to save this offer for maybe a trip in August.

  3. I have not seen O, but I loved Jersey Boys. It’s one of the best if not the best show I’ve seen in Vegas thus far. I would definitely see it again, especially if I was taking friends or family.

    Also, thank you for introducing me to Pub Crawl. I found out about at least a few bars and deals I will be checking out next time I am in town. Plus, since I have two trips planned before the end of summer, they are helping me through my “Vegas Lent.”

    Finally, I wanted to share this link, since the comment “why would you eat at a chain when you are in Vegas” came up. Seven magazine features 25 restaurants that they say “Have the tastiest cheap eats in town.”

  4. Great link– thanks for sharing! I want to know where the pulled pork eggs benedict and the Guinness pancakes were when we visited Wicked Spoon. (Loved the red velvet ‘cakes, but would love to try the Guinness ones.) And we wanted to try the Estiatorio Milos deal but they appeared to be closed.

    Thinking back, chain food can be a good option for a late-night meal after you’ve been imbibing, because it’s cheap and familar and you’re not going to taste much anyway (hello, Subway in O’Shea’s). And there might be some chains people don’t have at home (hence our multiple visits to Cheesecake Factory early on), and it becomes a vacation splurge. Or maybe you want to save your money for something else, like drinks or a show or gambling or strippers or whatever.

    For me, the food is such an important part of my experience there. And the number of meals is so limited in Vegas that if I use breakfast, lunch, or dinner on a chain, it’s taking away the option of eating at a new place or revisiting an old favorite.

  5. Nice touch on the outro music Tim.
    The Big Man will be missed. I’ll have to put on the bootleg from the Vegas show back in 2000 in honor.

  6. I too got a great comp offer which was really suprised at and must remember to get on the phone tonight to book. Free hand sanatizer with a ten night stay at the Riviera.

  7. I liked the outro music a lot.

    On a completely different note, either you gambled a LOT more than you seemed to – or you’re a bit naive about the power of a podcast. If the Cosmo decides to feed me, a lowly Facebook member with no record of play whatsoever, for free, also serving me as many cocktails as I wanted, just hoping I might share the experience, comping you guys would be one of the easiest decisions I as part of a marketing department could make.

  8. Here’s my theory as to why you got the sweet suite offer from MGM. A while back you mentioned you enjoyed playing a Three Card Poker game with a virtual (busty) dealer. Was this game at an MGM property? Often these virtual table games have theoretical loss rates set very high. That is, the amount the casino thinks you’ll lose. This is what comps are based on. If you put in a couple hours on one of these…and if the machine had a high theo set (I’ve seen them as high as 8%), you could easily rack up a theoretical loss that might warrant a suite and RFL.

  9. Checked our MLife online account. No way as good an offer as yourselves, but despite this year’s gambling being almost exclusively at Cosmo did have some interesting offers including three free nights at Mandalay Bay with food credit etc. Not bad for lowest tier.

  10. Jack… Funny you should mention that. Last night, as I continued to try to grasp why I received the room offer, I told Michele that perhaps my play on the Three Card Poker machine at Mirage (which has since been removed) is the reason. The only whole in the theory is that my brothers played on that machine longer than I did and haven’t received anything.

  11. Some official fireworks info from Caesars Palace:

    In celebration of Independence Day, Caesars Palace will light up the sky with an impressive fireworks display from the rooftop of the Roman Tower Sunday, July 3. The show will kickoff at 9:15 p.m., weather permitting, granting hotel guests and passersby the best views on the Las Vegas Strip. Event is open to the public.

  12. I was going to ask whether everyone noticing this elevated level of offers from MGM have all played on their accounts since it became Mlife rather than the old club?

    I haven’t had any action on my account since before the integration and thought maybe there might be a trend there to look for.

  13. Great show this week! I wanted to chime in about cheaper tickets. If anyone is looking for discounted tickets in advance, try going to the site. Not all shows offer discounted tickets there, but they have some interesting ones, and it is a good place to find ideas of things to see that you might not think of otherwise. They usually offer 1/2 price tickets, but sometimes the discounts are better than that. This way, you don’t have to wait until you get to the 1/2 price day of booths. I used them a while back and got great seats to Spamalot (that tells you how long ago I used it).
    Just another place to look, though…

  14. I’m a previous podcast u had two caller comments about vegas boogers and how to get Porn slappers from bothering u:

    1. Minimize Vegas boogers by rubbing vaseline or oil up ur nostrils.
    2. Avoid pornslappers by having ur kid walk beside u nearest the pornslappers. They won’t bother reaching over the kid to get the adult. They are not allowed to have that kid see those booklets. It works everytime. My kid is 24 but looks 15. Or u can walk beside someone that has a kid. U will be pornslapper free walking down the strip.

    Please…. No thx is needed. Lol

  15. I’m glad the fireworks show at Caesars is open to the public. I can’t imagine how they’d try and close it off to the public. LOL

  16. I hope you did get the Mlife offer due to the podcast. You 2 certainly deserve it.

    Maybe you will get a paypal donation from Caesars for the next show?

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