November is shaping up as a huge month for touring headliners in Las Vegas. Big-name acts rolling through town include The Eagles (Nov. 5 and 19 at MGM Grand), Katy Perry (Nov. 19 at Mandalay Bay), Morrissey (Nov. 25 at Cosmopolitan), Sting (Nov. 25 at Caesars Palace) and Janet Jackson (Nov. 27 at Caesars Palace). One name, however, rises above them all.

In an extremely rare U.S. concert appearance, multi-talented renaissance man David Hasselhoff is scheduled to perform in The Orleans Showroom on Nov. 18-20. Tickets are $50. So pack up your German friends in your talking car, grab a sack of cheeseburgers and head to Las Vegas. The Hoff is back!


4 Responses to “Michael Knight Returns to Las Vegas”

  1. 1 trucker steve

    Sweet !!! David hasselwhateverthefuck. And who says reality stars have no talent . Irony ……I think not !!!!!8

  2. 2 trucker steve

    Never mind the 8 at the end plz. I am angry and drunk at a truck stop in bakersfield. California…I know who could blame me right….!!!!

  3. 3 CR8IVCPL

    His new character on Sons of Anarchy is classic Hasselhoff! He is the former porn star with a “big cock” (thanks FX) turned porn director.

  4. 4 Eric From Fuckin Vegas

    As I was heading up Tropicana the other day, I saw on the marquee that dennis miller was going to play the Orleans. Bill Maher plays there regularly, and it was George Carlin’s new home in Vegas before he passed. I remember looking up at the marquee and thinking to myself, “The Orleans” has really become the new Vegas home for comedy.

    This announcement merely reinforces this idea.

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