The Games People Play

Las Vegas people-watching games have been a running theme on Five Hundy by Midnight. Keeping track of all of the games we have mentioned and listeners have submitted is getting difficult. So, by popular demand, we are now cataloging said games for your convenience. Please let us know by e-mail if we missed any.

  • Thong, Not-A-Thong, Not-A-Thing: This is the game that started it all. Best played while walking The Strip, simply guess the underwear preference of the female walking in front of you.
  • Pro or No: Best played late at night or early in the morning when nightclub skanks are wandering the casinos, this game requires players to guess whether scantily-clad young ladies are working girls or run-of-the-mill sluts. This game is also known as Ho Not a Ho and Ho or Just a Skank.
  • Boobs or Knees: This isn’t so much a game, but a way of pointing out that you’ve spotted a fat grandma whose orbs are hanging so low they could be mistaken for her knees.
  • Meat or B.O.: Guess the smell. Is it meat or body odor?
  • Spot the Foobs: While having a conversation, you see a pair of obviously fake breasts in the distance. Game time! Simply say, “spot the foobs” and let your friends and loved ones try to identify the person to whom you are referring.
  • Trophy Wife or Daughter: As listener Lauren said, “When he grabs her ass, you know the answer.”
  • Toup for One: Submitted by CK from KC, this game is similar to Spot the Foobs. Simply spot a bad rug, say, “toup for one” and let the people around you search for the guy who thinks he’s fooling the world by wearing a hairpiece.
  • Just Up or Still Up: Paul from Ohio suggests playing this game on the Las Vegas Strip just after the sun rises. Simply try to identify whether people just woke up or have been up all night.
  • Paper or Plastic: Submitted by Little Ed after hearing us talk about Spot the Foobs. In this variation, all players know who the subject is and have to weigh in regarding whether her sweater puppets are real or fake.
  • Briar Patch, Barely There or Bald: Submitted by Troy, this is the crudest of Las Vegas games we’ve encountered. Simply guess the shaving habits of random strangers.
  • Bro Bingo: Submitted by Beer Snob B, this one is a drinking game. Spot a guy wearing a backwards baseball cap, a guy wearing a striped polo shirt and a guy with his pants hanging way too low. That’s the trifecta. You’ve just hit Bro Bingo. Take a drink.
  • Ho Bingo: This is a close companion to Bro Bingo. Find a group of drunk women. The group must consist of at least one blonde, brunette, redhead, Asian and black female to achieve Ho Bingo.
  • Fish or Jolie: Upon seeing a woman with large lips, players try to determine whether they are fake and look like fish lips or are full and voluptuous like Angelina Jolie’s. Submitted by Ken from South Carolina. Also known as Botox or Notox (alternate name submitted by Joe from Orlando).
  • Does it Belong in a Men’s Room?: If you spot a human but are not sure of the gender, ask your friends, “Does it belong in a men’s room?” This could go either way: guys with large breasts or gals that should pee standing up. Submitted by Olonzo.