Five Hundy by Midnight, the Original Las Vegas Podcast, is the first podcast devoted (almost) exclusively to Las Vegas and the longest-running travel podcast. Weekly since Jan. 9, 2005, Five Hundy by Midnight has provided listeners with news, reviews and commentary by Las Vegas tourists for Las Vegas tourists. The podcast has attracted local and national press, including mentions in the New York Times and Boston Globe, and a feature article in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Five Hundy by Midnight was voted by the readers of Vegas Tripping as Best Las Vegas Podcast every year it was eligible (10 times) between 2006 and 2017.

About the Hosts
Having visited Las Vegas more than 50 times since 1997, Tim Dressen began producing and hosting Five Hundy by Midnight as an outlet for his Vegas obsession. After recording a couple dozen episodes on his own, Tim invited his wife (and fellow Las Vegas aficionado), Michele, to join Five Hundy by Midnight as the show’s co-host. Since then, listeners have been treated to a weekly dose of their charming banter about Las Vegas hotels, casinos, restaurants, bars and just about anything else Vegas-related.

About the Recording Rig
We get quite a few e-mails from curious listeners wondering what sort of phat studio we use to record Five Hundy by Midnight. The podcast is recorded using the following equipment:

  • 2 Shure SM58 mics
  • Behringer 1204 FX mixer
  • iPad
  • MacBook Pro
  • Garageband software

Answers to a Few Common Questions

  • Why didn’t you play my voice mail message on the show? We use most of the messages we receive. However, occasionally we’ll skip some because the sound quality is horrible, the message is too long, the call has little to do with anything related to Las Vegas or the podcast, or you’ve already called a bunch of times recently. Voice Mail Line Tips
  • Where can I send you expensive gifts and heart-felt greeting cards? The show’s mailing address is:
    Tim Dressen
    Five Hundy Productions
    P.O. Box 131023
    Roseville, MN 55113