Voice Mail Line Tips

We like to use as many Five Hundy listener calls as possible on the podcast. Having listened to thousands of listener voice mail messages, we present some tips to improve the chances your call makes the show.

  1. Unless your plane was hijacked or someone gave birth in the cab, skip talking about your flight and the ride from the airport to the hotel.
  2. Focus on details that benefit other listeners. Rather than talking about how much you won or lost each day, for example, review a specific casino game you liked or hated.
  3. Don’t discuss the weather unless something unusual happened like a vicious dust storm or a Sharknado. Las Vegas is located in the desert, so temperatures over 100 degrees in the summer are expected and not noteworthy.
  4. Be specific. Rather than just saying you liked or didn’t like something, tell us what what you liked or didn’t like about it.
  5. Keep it short. If your call is more than six minutes long, there’s almost no chance we’ll use it. If you really have a lot to say, break it into multiple calls. Under three minutes is ideal.
  6. If you’ve already heard several calls touting a specific show, restaurant, bar, hotel, etc., and you have the same opinion, it’s probably better to focus on something you haven’t heard discussed. If you like something many people dislike or if you hated something everyone else seems to love, we’d love to hear about it.
  7. Don’t feel obligated to call while drunk. We absolutely love drunk dials, but sober calls are great too.

Listener calls help us include a variety of opinions and experiences on the podcast. We’d love to hear from you, so call the voice mail line any time at (702) 866-9494.


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