Recovery is a Bitch

The next podcast may be another couple days away. Since getting home, I’ve pretty much crashed and burned. The lack of sleep from last week has caught up with me and I don’t have the energy to even think about trying to record a coherent show. Thanks for your patience.


Leaving Las Vegas

Well, it’s over. Another trip to Vegas here and gone. I’m at the McCarran International Airport just an hour from take off. Had a blast for the past five days. Lost some money but at least got a ton of play for my money. I’m planning to record and post a complete wrap-up podcast this weekend. A quick summary: Many dollars were lost, many drinks were consumed, many laughs were had.


Five Hundy by Midnight 4: First Podcast from Vegas

The sound quality sucks and the content probably does too, but here’s my first show live from Vegas. I didn’t realize until I was done recording that I was using the internal iBook mic instead of my moderately bad, cheap-ass Labtec mic. Sorry about the poor quality. Forgot to mention that I’ve been proudly wearing my Rock and Roll Geek Show t-shirt. Also, I forgot to mention that I wandered past Barbary Coast’s karaoke night performance this evening. Only about 15 people in the audience, but Fantasy (a BC karaoke legend) was on stage performing I Believe I Can Fly. Comedy gold. Instead of his normal basketball jersey, he was wearing a tight, white turtleneck, showing off his floppy man titties.

In this week’s episode of Five Hundy by Midnight, the original Las Vegas podcast:
Vegas ramblings

Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 1/24/05 (15:19 min,, 7 MB) or subscribe.


Live from Las Vegas

I recorded a show from eight stories above the Las Vegas Strip but decided not to post it. You’re not missing anything. It was pretty much just 20 minutes of drunken babbling. Just found out that Johnny Carson died. A true legend is gone.

Drank lots of drinks and gambled lots. Haven’t hit four deuces yet, so the trip isn’t official, but I’m up $20.

More updates later.

Viva Las Vegas!