Five Hundy by Midnight 20: Elvis and Frank

In this week’s edition of Five Hundy by Midnight, the original Las Vegas podcast:
Why not live in Las Vegas?
Fountainbleau announced. RIP Countryland USA.
Elvis Presley is everywhere.
Last Train to Memphis
Careless Love
Elvis: The Mini-Series on CBS
Elvis by the Presleys
Randy Quaid has range.
David Letterman drills Priscilla
Elvis Lives by Skinner
Frank Sinatra tribute on The Frank Truth podcast
Brian Noe reviews Frank Sinatra Live at the Golden Nugget
(also mentioned Frank Sinatra Live at the Sands)
The Elvis Song by Spike the Cat

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2 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 20: Elvis and Frank

  1. Your show has been like crack to me, I’m addicted. Much like you, I love going to Las Vegas and think about Vegas constantly.

    A few weeks ago my Stepfather and I were thinking about putting together a podcasting show and I thought a show about Las Vegas would be a cool idea. Then about a week after I found your show and it is exactly what I thought would make a great show. No reason for me to do anything since yours is so good. Keep up the great work.

    Let me give you a website headsup, check out and Both are excellent sites and some of the comments on are classic!

    My wife and I just got back from Vegas last week and it was our first vacation without the kids. Let me tell you, every couple should do this. I didn’t get much gambling done, but I got lucky an awful lot, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean?

    We stayed at Mandalay Bay on comped rooms. I came home from work one night and on the answering machine there was a message from a rep. at Mandalay Bay offering two free nights. I have no idea why I got free rooms, I’ve stayed there 3 other times, but am not a big gambler. Anyways, we took them up on it and had a fabulous time.

    One thing you and your wife have to do is check out the club Mix. You might have done it already since you stayed at The Hotel. It is located on the top floor and has a patio area that overlooks the entire strip. If you go before 10 pm you can avoid the $20 cover. I got hammered up there on $12 Skyy Vodka martinis (at Casino level those drinks cost $8.50, but I suppose there are transportation costs up to the top).

    We also saw Celine and Mama Mia. Both shows were excellent, though according to my wife, Celine was fabulous. At one point during the Celine show I looked over at my wife and she was crying. I also looked at the lady next to me and she was crying, as well as the lady ahead of me.

    Anyways, I’ve rambled on long enough. Maybe someday we’ll find ourselves out in Las Vegas playing full pay Jacks or Better together.

    David Patterson
    Beloit, Wisconsin

  2. Hi Tim,
    I think that you are right about moving to Vegas. I have a friend who moved there and ended up moving back to Chicago. It’s a great escape and I try to spend as much time there as I can. With 4 weeks of vacation a year, that’s alot of escaping. I think it will make a great place to retire to someday.

    I completely agree with you on Priscilla’s looks as well. She does look like she’s used Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon, a couple times.

    Keep the shows coming.

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