Five Hundy by Midnight 24: Celebrity Sighting in Vegas

In this edition of Five Hundy by Midnight, the original Las Vegas podcast:

Tim discusses Las Vegas celebrity sighting

  • PodcastMN meetup
  • Reel Reviews does Swingers
  • Additional free hotel shuttles
  • New Jersey residents prefer Las Vegas to Atlantic City
  • Spotting celebrities in Las Vegas (including tales of seeing Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, Chancelor Arnold, Samantha Sanders, Rickey Henderson, Marcus Allen, Boomer Esiason, Jim Nantz, Deion Sanders, Phil Giroux, Anthony Curtis, Phil Gordon, Joe Rogan, Vince Neil, Bono and Lil’ Jon)
  • Phil Gordon is podcasting from the World Series of Poker at the Rio
  • Contribute your Vegas celebrity sightings for a chance to win a fancy Caesars Palace tote bag
  • What is Hip? by Lon Bronson

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 6/7/05 (43:51 min, 20.2 MB) or subscribe.


    2 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 24: Celebrity Sighting in Vegas

    1. Hey Tim, just wanted to send a quick note and let you know I enjoyed the recent podcast. My own humble celebrity sighting happened back in 1996 when I stayed at the Luxor. I had a really early flight on my departure day, so I left my room and headed for the front desk around 4am.
      I was running a few minutes early, so I made a lap around the casino. There was a large crowd standing around the bar area next to the escalators that go down to the buffet, along with a bunch of portable light stands.
      It turns out they were filming some scenes from “Mars Attacks” that morning (I guess to avoid the crowds). Jim Brown was dressed in his Luxor gladiator garb at the bar, and Tim Burton was standing next to a camera reviewing some notes. You can’t mistake Tim Burton’s crazy hair and goth-like black outfit.
      Anyway, there ‘ya go.

    2. whoa, Tim, i know you’re into music, but i didn’t know you to be a U2 fan…. i’ve been a big fan since the early ’80’s. sooooooooo cool you had a Bono sighting!! dang, i cannot believe you didn’t attempt to say hello to him. Bono is reknown for being very down-to-earth and assessable to fans. hehe, and, yeah, you are right…. Bono isn’t a tall guy, is he?

      cool topic 🙂

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