Five Hundy by Midnight 29: Vegas Whales and Vegas Ghosts

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Whale Hunt in the Desert review
  • Danny Gans as George Burns rapping
  • Former Mandalay Bay Group CFO Glenn Schaeffer sounds like Mr. Howell
  • My ghost will haunt Hoover Dam
  • Money by Flat Stanley

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 7/9/05 (29:52 min, 13.8 MB) or subscribe.


    9 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 29: Vegas Whales and Vegas Ghosts

    1. I was the one who called you on my cell phone. I was on the monorail. Sorry you couldn’t hear me clearly. But thanks for noting my call!

      We ended up eating at the Osteria Del Circo at the Bellagio. It was great! I highly recommend it.

      We had a great time in Vegas which surprised me as I am not a big gambler. Anyway, keep up the good show!

    2. Thanks for the *four-of-a-kind* review — and the first-ever podcast for Whale Hunt. Glad you enjoyed it, especially after wondering if Steve Cyr and casino marketing were worthy of a whole tome…

      I hope Bellagio calls and hooks you and your wife up for a wild high-roller weekend. Or maybe, after he listens to the review (I just forwarded him the URL), Steve and Tanya (his beautiful wife) will invite you down to the Golden Nugget, where he works in Nevada these days, to hang with one of his million-dollar players..

    3. Sorry. No more totebags. Maybe I’ll pick up a prize or two for future contests when I’m in Las Vegas in a couple weeks.

    4. Dude — I’ve been on every show from the travel channel to Montel Williams to 20/20 —but your audio review was the coolest!! so hey email me your address and I will send your some autographed books to give away on your show and some dvd’s of my shows since your addicted to vegas! also I would love to comp you dinner and a show at the g. nugget—My partner and I rep. 8 casino’s so dude you are hooked up!! but hey the book should be atleast rated as “Aces with a kicker”–later Steve Cyr.

    5. Deke:

      Do you have any plans on having the book recorded to audiobook form?. Based on Tim’s review, I shot right out to Audible to get it and man was I bummed.. it’s not there. I’d love to know if and when you plan on getting it done, as my ‘pod is the only way I “read” these days.

      Tim, I have a show request, my wife and I are headed to Vegas August 1st for three days, she’s never been there, I’ve been there once. This is our first trip alone in 14 years (since our 1st of 4 was born). Anyways, she’s *totally* bunged up about what to wear. I was wondering if you and your wife might be able to do a show or segment on what to wear. We get conflicting views, the TV shows and stuff show’s glitzy night life attire, and friends tell us “nobody dresses up unless they’re going to a show”. What does your wife think? – my wife is going nuts.

      Steve – How about a hookup for the common man????…. LOL

      Keep up the GREAT work Tim!


    6. I bought ‘Whale Hunt’ a few weeks ago. A good book on how Steve Cyr changed the industry and had the balls to do it at such a young age. A pretty quick read…took me about three days and I’m a slow reader.

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