Five Hundy by Midnight 30: Pai Gow Poker and Phone Calls from Vegas

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Big Elvis is ill
  • Hanging Out with Elvis by Gerald Bair
  • What to do when the gambling goes bad
  • All about pai gow poker
  • The Wizard of Odds pai gow poker page
  • Listener comments and calls
  • Happy birthday, monorail!
  • Monorail Man by The Amimatronics

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 7/17/05 (33:08 min, 15.3 MB) or subscribe.


    6 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 30: Pai Gow Poker and Phone Calls from Vegas

    1. your show is money. i liked the hangin’ out with elvis song. love live the king. and long live your show. gosh, i can’t wait until i can go to vegas again. the wife and i love to go, but the last time we went was when we didn’t have kids. now we have two kids, and the oldest is four. what we like to do is hang out by the pool all morning, go to a good place for lunch, and hit the buffet for dinner. rio! of course, gambling and shows inbetween. i’d love to hear what hotels you think have the best pools. we’ve stuck to the luxor and mirage. later, mr. shark attack.

    2. Another great show Tim.

      I too am a fan of pai gow poker. During my last trip, I found it was my go-to game when the gambling turned sour.

      Its also a really great game to play when you’re in a place where the limits are high (especially on the strip on weekends). During our last trip, we spent a heap of time at the $10 pai gow tables at Paris where we were staying. We’d play for 2 hours, have a ton of drinks from the excellent drink staff and end up about $30-40 up or down. Sure, you’re not going to hit it big, but if you’re after bang for your buck and a good social atmosphere, give it a try!

    3. Great show Tim ole’ chap. I’ll be going to Vegas in Oct., is there anything you would recommend in particular we might do or see at that time of year ? We’ve been twice (her) and 3 (myself) before. Thanks for the Pai Gow lesson because it’s a game I was walking past everytime. I’ll give it a try on this next trip. Where’s the best place to play ?

      Is there a past show where you talked about or explained craps ?

      James G in NC

    4. I”ve been listening to your program for months learing new and important items I’ll use the next time which will be first week in August. I’ve been studing up on Pai Gow (have never played before). My game of choice is Craps. I”m staying at MGM Grand which is my #1 place to play craps.

      What do you think of Caribbean Stud Poker (just learing this too).

      I lood forward to hering you



    5. Tim!

      Did you see Norm today? Big Elvis is back at the B.C. and has dropped some pounds. Hope to hear a review of the not-quite-as-Big Elvis when you’re there.

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