Five Hundy by Midnight 34: Harrahs Sucks, Wynn Doesn’t

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • A word from our sponsor
  • Audio comment catch-up
  • Rumors of Harrahs buying Imperial Palace
  • Wynn adds dollar full pay deuces wild machines
  • Las Vegas Inc. on CNBC
  • We’re giving stuff away: calendars, DVDs and a signed Whale Hunt book
  • Bad Luck by Billy Dankert

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    5 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 34: Harrahs Sucks, Wynn Doesn’t

    1. Hey Tim, Michelle – thanks for putting up my audio comment. Great to hear you had another excellent time in LV. Can’t wait to get there, only 3 weeks to go!

    2. So Harrah’s just bought the Imperial Palace. What does this mean? It means I am standing by for your shriek podcast. I think the days of the Barbary Coast are numbered. I find this thought very sad. The Barbary Coast was the first place I stayed and played at in Las Vegas and it was my very first casino ever.

      The property that the BC sits on must be worth more than the net cash flow the operation throws off. I am fairly certain the Boyd/Coast people would find it a better deal to cash out and use that money to help fund their make over of the Stardust into Bogarta West than to borrow money or tie up other operating capital.

      Damn the economics of business – its ruining everything.

    3. Hi guys,

      Me and my partner are doing a trip round California in three weeks and as we need some new tracksuits/sports shoes for the gym, I was just wondering if Michelle could point us in the right direction as we know shopping is her forte’. Were stopping at the Luxor hotel and the tracksuits/sports shoes needn’t be Dior, just regular sports gear will do!

      Brilliant show by the way guys, especially loved the buffet talk Mmmmmm.

    4. Hi Paul–
      I’ll do my best to help you out.

      There’s a Nike Golf store in Mandalay Place, which connects Luxor with Mandalay Bay, but they may not have the selection you need for the gym.

      If you find yourself close to the middle/northern parts of the Strip, try Fashion Show Mall. They have some sports stores (Champs, Foot Locker). You could also check the department stores for shoes and exercise apparel.

      The Las Vegas Outlet Center past the south end of the Strip also has some good options (Nike Factory Outlet, Nautica, Reebok, Fila). A cab would probably run around $10-13 each way from the Luxor. The outlets are hit or miss– sometimes they have great merchandise, and sometimes the selection is very limited.

      Probably more information than you need, but this gives you a couple of options. For more mall information, go to

      Thanks for listening!

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