Five Hundy by Midnight 37: Vegas Restaurant Review: Michael’s at Barbary Coast

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Michele cohosts
  • Lots of Winners (Steve Cyr calendar, DVD and book giveaway)
  • Listener audio comments with a side of snoring dog
  • I messed up: Jethro wasn’t the son
  • All about Michael’s at Barbary Coast
  • Web site profile: Two Way Hard Three
  • Strange Powers by Mike Doughty: Buy it on iTunes or buy his Haughty Melodic CD on iTunes or Amazon
  • Donate to Red Cross

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 9/11/05 (41:47 min, 19.3 MB) or subscribe.


    9 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 37: Vegas Restaurant Review: Michael’s at Barbary Coast

    1. Well you two you have outdone yourselves with this podcast (perhaps it had to do with yours having a small piece of the podcast 🙂 ) j/k The closer my trip gets the more excited I am getting and I nearly burst waiting for this episode of your podcast. I was listening to your archives today as I was cleaning the apartment, doing laundry etc. I also agree there is something about Tim’s voice, I think it is soothing that kind of helps keep you listening (not that I need any help, anything about Vegas gets my attention). So once again, GREAT JOB you two and keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!! I am still waiting for a review of my beloved Frontier :-).


    2. Tim and Michelle:

      As my mouth is watering about your review, I looked at the wesite for the menu.

      Wow, is this the most expensive restaurant ever.

      $45 for chicken!!

      These prices are more than the most expensive in Toronto.

      The food must be outstanding.

      Thanks for the prize.

      Great show!! I like both of your voices.


    3. Yo Tim.

      Just listened to your promo on the Daily Source Code – it sounded great and Adam liked it as well – DSC #239 – [starts at 10 minutes 30 seconds]

      Keep up the good work !


    4. Yeah, I heard that as well. Hope it blows your bandwidth to pieces. Change the whole site into one giant porn advertisement and cash in buddy.

    5. Heya Tim and Michelle,

      I’m going to Vegas somewhere in october! So till then i’ll be sure to follow this podcast 🙂
      Can ya give me tips and stuff when i’m going there? Have some spare time ..

      Grtz from Holland !

    6. hey there. my wife was supposed to be going to new orleans for a conference in november, but so much for that … now it’s been moved to vegas. not bad. she’s going to be staying at the riveria. she’s never been on that part of the strip before. we usually stay at the luxor or the mirage. do you have any “secret tips” about cool things to check out nearby? or should she just hop on the bus? thanks.

    7. Doughty’s “The Gambler” is unavailable right now at iTunes. I read on another website that this is temporary. I hope it comes back soon, since I doscivered this song on FHBM *after* the song was removed from iTunes. At least I can still re-listen to the FHBM Podcast and hear the song. Thanks Tim!

      Viva Las Vegas.

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