Westward Ho Closing?

Rumors are swirling that Westward Ho is shutting its doors on Nov. 17. According to the hotel’s Web site, Nov. 16 is the last night reservations are being accepted. As a tribute, the next podcast will feature recordings from our visit to the casino in July.


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  1. Well here we go again. I just called them and the girl confirmed that they will be closing. I am getting a little tired of hearing of the old smaller places getting closed and torn down for mega resorts. I like the new places, but, I will morn this passing as well. It looks like my Mega Dog in October will be my last :-(……..

  2. Tim, I was thinking after our chat about all the times I visited the Westward Ho. I was suprpised when you told me that they are closing.

    One memory I have of WH, I went to Vegas with some buddies and we had way too much to drink. I bought one of their very good hot dogs and sat at a slot machine with a beer and hot dog in hand.

    I never had the chance to eat it. I left it sitting next to the machine, but I had my beer in my hand.

    I always enjoyed WH and I will miss her.

  3. Has there been any plans for the site (or the area around it)?

    Been to LV 5 times – never been there.

  4. So are Harrahs buying the site and building the all new Horseshoe Ho?

    Was looking forward to a Ho Dog when I visit next.. let’s hope the next episode of Five Hundy involves Tim & Michelle sampling one!

  5. Tim,

    I wonder what will become of the “HO”, a year-old casino that WH built behind its property adjacent to Industrial Road? I didn’t think it would last; in Feb ’05, my wife and I took the shuttle bus to the back, and were sorely disappointed. The Westward Ho on the strip had much more going for it; I went there in August, and enjoyed the $1 Heinekens, or better yet, the $2 Fat Tire ales! There was a free Elvis impersonator in the lounge too… true Vegas Schmaltz!

    I’ll especially miss the gaudy signage out front, which looked really cool at night. Not to mention the fact that they used the word “Ho” in their name…

    The Ho may be history, but your show is a new Vegas “classic”!
    Keep up the great work!


  6. I really thought that with the Trump Tower underway that the Frontier would be announced for implosion, but having talked to the reservation agent who’s worked there for 10 years, it seems there are no more rumours internally of it closing than there have been previously.

    I know it’s a bit rough around the edges these days, but I love the Frontier. The rooms are plain but clean and cheap and the hotel has a nice old Vegas feel to it. I really hope it stays for another few years. It would be a shame to only have the big corporate palaces.

  7. Right On Alison!!!!!!!!! The Frontier Rules!!!!!!!!!! It is sad to see all the older Vegas casinos facing their last days, months, years, etc. I am going to be spending a little time at the Ho and some quality time at the Frontier next month on my trip to Vegas. LONG LIVE THE FRONTIER 🙂

  8. I’m also at the Frontier next month (second time this year). We’re in 9-16th. All the other people I know from the UK that go end up in the posh hotels wish their package holidays. I’ll keep visiting the Frontier as long as it’s standing.

  9. Allison-Hey will be in Vegas from the 11th-15th, not staying at the Frontier this time 🙁 My buddy got some free nights at the Stardust and the Main Street Station so we are using those. Are you aware of http://www.lasvegastalk.com ? You should check it out. There is also a lot of good info there, it is a message board.

    Tim-Patiently waiting for a new podcast. Nice new header on your website………

  10. Micah – thanks, just subscribed to LVTalk too. We’re seeing Franz Ferdinand at the Hard Rock on the 11th – awesome band. Tickets really cheap in Vegas – they’re big news here so would be at least twice the price!

  11. Allison, If you would like send me an email, maybe you could meet up with me and my buddy while we are all in Vegas. He isn’t a fan of the Frontier, but, he will be dragged there by yours truly. MicahHibler@juno.com

  12. The Ho is being torn down to make way for more condos. I just don’t understand the whole condo on the strip craze.

    Also, the Frontier will be going down in 2006 to make way for a new resort that the owner wants to build.

  13. NO, not the HO!! For the last 10 yrs. we made our annual trek (1600 miles, one way driving) to Vegas to our home away from home, The Westward Ho. We’d usually get 3 or 4 free nights from the points we had garnered on previous visits, but usually stayed at least a week. We mainly patronized the WH for gambling, meals, etc., but we also toured around to other places. Ideal for people who would drive, you can drive up to to door of your room. Excellent security and they made us feel at home. Some large suites, nine of us stayed in one room on one occasion.

    We feel lost, Vegas won’t be the same.

  14. The first time we stayed at the Ho we were “perfered”, but on later trips we were downgraded. Even with the stigma of not be perfered at the Ho, of all places, we contined to visit and often stay at the Ho. Sure the place was basically a dump, but it was our dump. We will miss the Ho, but our memories of the Ho will remain forever.

  15. What? Now where are we going t o stay when in Vegas! This past July we had a 3 bedroom suite with 2 bathrooms and a living room all for $100 a night. Boy will we miss our homey Westward Ho. Everyone in our family knew we could count on finding a good priced room at the Westward Ho whenever in Vegas and save our money for fun and other things. Well at least we can always remember the good times spent there.

  16. I for one will miss the “HO”. I first came to Vegas with my Mom and stayed at the “HO” about 9 years ago. We had a terrific time. The people at WH were “Very” friendly and we had a great time. We came back several times and always enjoyed our stay. Mom passed away a couple of years ago, so I hadn’t been out in several years. I didn’t think it would be the same without Mom. However, just recently my daughter & I decided to visit Vegas…and you guessed it we stayed at the “HO”. It was great…we had a great time and once again the people of the “HO” were terrific. It’s kind of like loosing an old friend. The new places are okay…just not ….like the WH.
    Good bye ole friend! It’s was probably my last trip out.

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