Calling in Sick

I’ve been under the weather for most of the past week and won’t be recording a podcast this weekend. Hang tough—more Vegasy fun will come your way next weekend.


15 thoughts on “Calling in Sick

  1. Get better Tim!!!! I think I can hold off till next weekend although it is tough :-). You need to conserve your energy and get back to 100% for your trip that is coming up in a month from now. Now go get some rest. 🙂

  2. Get well soon Tim. It’s only a couple of weeks til we head out and we need you to keep us up to date with all the news!

  3. Rest up and get better. You’ll need your strength for the October trip.
    Thankfully I am down to T minus 16 days to Vegas and just might be at a poker table in a 5 hundy t-shirt!

  4. Wow, I just got a personal response from my email to you. Meant a lot. I hope you feel better. As for a guest host..on the one hand, Carson was secure enough to do it. Then again, though Michelle is great on the podcast, it might lead to a lot of shoe talk. Nah, I can wait a week. Take it easy.

  5. Thanks everybody. I’m pretty much back to normal. The worst of it was late last week and I just didn’t have time to put together a show.

    I really appreciate all the comments though. So does Michele. I think she’s planning a hostile takeover.

  6. Tim,

    Don’t worry about the competition from Michele; I think people like having her on the show mainly because you both complement each other. I mean, what would the tonight show have been like with JUST Ed McMahon, or Letterman with only Paul Schaeffer? See what I mean?!

    You guys are one hell of a team! Keep up the good work! Also, glad to hear you’re getting better. Look at the bright side… you didn’t get sick while in Vegas! (One of my biggest fears, BTW)


  7. Get well Tim i hope to hear you again soon. I love to hear Michelle when she is on the show with you because you make a great team. I don’t know about her as a fill in host, to me a whole podcast on Las Vegas shoe stores wouldn’t be my choice.

  8. I think you’re doing Michelle a disservice. We gals don’t only like to shop for shoes, there’s clothes, handbags, make-up.. Hey I’m kidding. I can’t say there won’t be shopping involved in our next trip but him indoors is just as likely to spend, especially when we get down to Fry’s.

  9. Hope you’re better soon, Tim. Really appreciate your podcasts. Planning a trip from the UK to Vegas in October and your podcasts have told me all the things the guidebooks miss …. like the probability that my wife will find an interesting shoe store.

    You and Michelle make a great team and hope to hear you back on the air soon.

    Best regards

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