Five Hundy by Midnight 39: Las Vegas Thrill Rides

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Tim forgets what month it is
  • Sidekick Michele perfects the Tom Collins
  • News and rumors about Elvis-A-Rama, Sahara, Binions and a Las Vegas Strip ferris wheel
  • Bad puns aplenty
  • Thrill rides on the Strip: New York New York, Circus Circus, Sahara and Stratosphere
  • Vegas Web site profile: Cheapo Vegas
  • Thank-yous all around
  • “Rollercoaster Ride” by Idiot Box

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 10/2/05 (43:27 min, 20 MB) or subscribe.

    18 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 39: Las Vegas Thrill Rides

    1. When are you guys going to put some pictures up?

      Michele should do a fashion show with all her shoes….

    2. Another great show…thanks

      You’re opening should have been “This is Saturday OCTOBER 1 2005 rather than August 1 2005”.

      LOL I wish it was Aug rather than Oct!!!

    3. Tim & Michelle,

      Another great show. Really enjoy listening, know this is just a hobby for you guys, but it really does sound professional with a some quirkiness put in which I love. You should get the city of Las Vegas or whoever takes care of their entertainment side to sponsor you guys. You are doing great and hope all is well for you guys in also your own personal life!


    4. Elvis-a-rama is indeed quite lame. A few of us went there but declined to pay the admission fee, so we just took a tour of the souvenir shop. And I bet we had a better time than anyone who went in. Big Elvis definitely is a better deal.

    5. Elvis-a-rama definitely won’t be missed. A few friends and I went there but declined to pay the admission fee. We took a “tour” of the souvenir shop instead and probably had a better time than anyone who paid. Big Elvis is a better deal by far.

      I wish that they had better roller coasters on the strip (NY NY is too rough and not nearly steep enough), but I do enjoy the Big Shot at the Strat. Will have to try Insanity next time I’m there.

    6. I visited Elvis-a-rama a couple of weeks ago. There are some interesting things to see in there, but when they start displaying Elvis’ chess set – big deal, it could have belonged to anyone. Also they have videos you can watch at various points, which sounds great, but they are just sales pitches – being clips of videos you can buy in the shop. Also after the first room, you go through a door thinking there is going to be another room of the museum, but there isn’t and you are back in the entrance/gift shop. I think there is scope for a really good Elvis museum, but this wasn’t it.

      Other comments on the show – I agree with the Big Shot. Any thrill riders out there – give it a go. For me personally it was one of the worst (not bad – just stomach churning) rides I’ve ever been on and the fact you start 1000 feet up adds to the experience. Tip: hit the buffet afterwards, not before.
      Never tried ‘Speed’ at the Sahara, but if you want to experience exiting a casino at high speed, try getting caught card counting at Caesars 🙂

      Nice show Tim and Michelle.

    7. You have made the Big Shot the scariest one of all. No thanks.

      And Michelle, Primm has a Tommy Bahama outlet and a William Sonoma outlet store. We go there from Vegas everytime. You are correct. It is worth the trip.

      I do love Cheapo Vegas.

      Grreat show and I hope Tim is kidding about the shopping.


    8. Tim and Michelle,

      Great show! I think the ferris wheel idea is a fabulous one for the strip! First, I agreed that it sounds a little childish and lame but my experience the other day changed my mind…

      Went to a catholic school fair and they had the usual crappy carnival rides. My nephew begs me to take him on the ferris wheel and oh my gosh – we were sooo high off the ground at the top. He, needless to say, completely freaked out. I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed the aerial view of the surrounding city. If they put a wheel on the strip in Vegas, it is sure to be a big one that would offer an incredible view! Maybe it will have little air conditioned/heated capsules! This way it could run 24/7 all year long. Better yet, think about walking the strip at night-your buzzed, your feelin’ good. You decide to rest your weary legs (and your friends drunken legs) for a minute and ride the wheel. What a treat it would be to enjoy the neon glow from high above the strip at night. It would be something that everyone coming to Vegas HAD to do at least once. Drink a few cocktails and do the wheel!

      Thanks for the inside scoop. You got me so excited now over the remote possibility that this might happen. If it doesn’t, I may have to do it myself! Keep us posted!

    9. That was worth waiting for. Thanks for brightening my commute on a dreary day. I’ll begin using this name since there’s a second person with my name(perhaps many more than that) who is a fan of the show.

    10. thanks for the head’s up on Cheapo Vegas, Tim… think i’m gonna head out to Vegas for the first time in April was gonna ask you & Michele for hotel suggestions

    11. I’ve been on the “Big Shot” and the “Stratosphere Coaster”. I loved the “Big Shot” and did that twice (the 2nd trip was only an additional $2.00) but the coaster was pretty lame. It’s biggest claim to fame is it height.I’ve been on the “Big Shot” and the “Stratosphere Coaster”. I loved the “Big Shot”(did that twice, the 2nd trip was only an additional $2.00) and would definitely do it again on a future trip, but the coaster was pretty lame. It’s biggest claim to fame is it’s height.

      I would also like to say that I agree with “Erik” and would like to see some pictures.

      I don’t know if you can call it a Thrill Ride but I would recommend “The Star Trek Experience” for any of the Trek or SF fans out there.

    12. Loved your show as always.The CheapoVegas website is great. Have been going to that site several years.

    13. Great show as always!

      I have been wearing my FHBM shirt everywhere. People ask whats that shirt?

      First I have to explain what a podcast is, then I need to expalin how to get one, then I tell them the first one to listen to is FHBM!

      Keep up the great work.

      When are we going to have a meet up in Vegas?

    14. Tim and Michele,

      I’ve been on the “London Eye”, the BIG ferris wheel in that city. It is way more than an ordinary ferris wheel, and something like that in Vegas would be a definite hit!

      Thanks for the show! I’ve been to the Stratosphere twice, and both times have wimped out on the rides, but thanks to your survival, I may try the Big Shot next time around.

      Again, keep up the good work!


    15. Funny story about Speed: The Ride (not the substance) – my wife and I were on it at the back of the coaster when they were doing 2 rides in a row. In front were 4 girls who were scared to death, but their friends dragged them along. After the first ride, they were freaking out, screaming to get off. The operator (around 20ish college kid) announced that they were going to go back to back, and that anyone that did not want to go again should raise both of their hands high so he could see them and let them off. These 4 girls raised their arms, screaming to get off – and the guy immediately pushed the button and shot the roller coaster off again while they all had their arms in the air.

      They were not happy, but it was one of the funniest things I saw that day.

    16. Great show as usual.

      Cheapovegas website is a riot. I have been using that site for quite a while. The stories on the trip report link off of Cheapovegas are classic, really funny. The lower left corner of Cheapovegas is where the trip report link is located.

      Take care.

    17. Did a podcast search on “Vegas,” came across your show and subscribed based on the title alone. First went to Vegas 18 months ago with my girlfriend, and we’ve been back four times since then. This was the first one I listened to because I wanted to hear what you had to say about CheapoVegas. We consult that site as our prime resource every time we go. I’m now listening to some earlier episodes and I think you do a great job. I’m going to keep on listening.

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