Five Hundy by Midnight 40: Las Vegas Outtakes

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • It’s October—not August
  • Tim messes up the month again. The segment was recorded in July, not March
  • Burgerpipe
  • A stroll through the Plaza
  • Gambling with Tim and Michele: Star Wars penny slots
  • Meet us at the Apple Store at the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip at 2 p.m. on Oct. 22.

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 10/9/05 (29:38 min, 13.7 MB) or subscribe.


    17 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 40: Las Vegas Outtakes

    1. Great show once again. I enjoyed your little session at the HO. I think you should do more of the little gambling sessions. I also think that you should institute a new feature on your shows, “Karaoke with Michele”, that would be great 🙂

    2. Quite enjoyed the gambling bit, but, if you are going to add it to the show I think, as an avid five real video slot player, you should reserch the game before you record it so the ‘what happened now” parts aren’t as frequent and the playing would be more informative. I am sure you can get access to the demo site to do this.

      The pictures on the bugerpipe web site do look quite appetizing. The concept is something out of the Jetsons though.

      got the calendar intact . My wife thinks it’s quite tacky; therefore, it has the desired effect. Thanks a lot.

      We will be in Vegas on the 29th but perhaps some remnants of your visit might remain. t-shirts etc.


    3. Loved the show – liked the gambling part as well – probably would only be able to do it on the slots or video poker; not sure if casinos would allow you to record a table game (wouldn’t hurt to call and ask them… maybe their PR department).

      The cross street in front of the Plaza is Main Street (as in Main Street Station) 😉

      The canopy over Fremont Street is much better since they changed to the LEDs. Better picture and a better sound system to go with it. (I Believe)

      Looking to hit LV in December (#4 for the year; 6 overall) – but not sure if work will let me.

    4. Not sure if this has already been on your website – but whose the woman with the bumper sticker?

    5. I’ll be at the Apple store on Saturday to bombard you with boring questions. “How big is your microphone ?” “Do you know Adam Curry?”

      Maybe I’ll buy a new Video Ipod. Can your Apple Store cohort hook me up ?

    6. I already demanded a Nano in exchange for the flocks of people we’re sure to bring to the store. My demand was rebuffed. I’m showing up anyway—mainly because I really love spending time in malls.

    7. SalmonPipe?!?!?!? Ack! Growing up on the East Coast means we treated seafood with respect. (Even the lobster rolls in Boston are almost gourmet.) And living over here in Europe, I’ve seen these people do all sorts of funky things. But the salmon pipe just might make it to the wall of shame!

      Great show, guys. I hope you get a chance to enter the “Ho” before she closes up shop! Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

    8. have fun with your Apple Store appearance! that should be a cool experience… if i was gonna be in Vegas, i’d stop by, buy an iPod Nano and ask for you both to etch your autographs on the back of it (U2 iPod Edition style 🙂 ), for sure 😀

    9. Could we start a campaign with Apple to get the Tim and Michele limited edition Five Hundy Pod? Just a thought….

    10. Man, I’ll actually arrive in vegas at 9am on the 22nd. It’s a toss up between visiting the apple store and partying with the parrotheads as a warm up for Jimmy Buffett that evening 🙂

    11. Dangit! I just checked out the burgerpipe site. If I had some spare casings around I’d totally try to make one on the George Foreman this evening!

    12. Hi Tim,

      Got my DVD in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Thanks. Just wanted to say that I loved the gambling segment but I agree with Dan Short that it would be better to get a more detailed play by play of the action. Table games would rock, too, if you were allowed. Keep up the good work. Five Hundy rules!


    13. When giving your little seminar in the Apple Store on Saturday (of which I will most definately stop by) make sure to promote as many Microsoft and Dell products as possible. The Apple Store employees love that stuff! I created a great little cheat sheet to help one find full pay video poker machines as well as some basic strategy for DW, JNB and Blackjack, mostly from data mined from the Wizard of Odds website. I’ll bring you both a copy. Keep up the wonderful work and we definately need more shoe reviews 😉 The Salmon Pipe segment really rocked.

    14. I’m confused — in the intro to the Burgerpipe bit you spoke about eating it, but in the bit itself you visited the deli at the Boardwalk and they didn’t have the Burgerpipe anymore — what gives?

      Keep up the awesome work — always enjoyable to listen to.

    15. We tried Burgerpipe on a trip a couple years ago. What you heard was our return to the Boardwalk to try them again—all for the benefit of our beloved listeners.

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