8 thoughts on “Bye Bye Boardwalk

  1. Only looked in the Boardwalk once, more out of morbid curiosity than anything. I can’t say it disappointed because it was pretty much as I had expected. While I don’t have too much of a problem with many of the Fremont Street casinos, the similarly rundown places on the Strip just strike me with bad karma, which isn’t something I look for in a place where I’m trying to win money, y’know? I think it’s the pervasive aroma of bad pizza that gets to me more than anything else.

  2. My sister is going to Vegas for Christmas and had booked into the Boardwalk against my advice. I called her again today with this news, so hopefully she’ll listen this time. I can’t imagine her getting decent service in a place which is imminently due for closure. I’ve suggested she try the Barbary Coast instead.

  3. 🙁

    This SUCKS!

    I loved it there. I mean I loved STAYING there. Rooms for $40 a night on the strip! Where the hell am I going to get that now in that location?

    I hope that development loses TRILLIONS. Screw those greedy bastards.

  4. It was somewhat of a dumpy little casino but you could always find a cheaper game there if you were in it for the entertainment. What about all those gift shops and hot dog stands around the boardwalk? Three T-shirts for $10? Isn’t that land worth more than that?

  5. We actually liked the pizza at the boardwalk. Do you know if they relocated, and what about the cheap margaritas and strawberry shortcake at westward Ho? Do you know of another pizza place on the strip?

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