We’re back

We’re back home after several fun days in the greatest city on Earth. Sorry we didn’t get around to recording a full show over the weekend. You know the story—too hard to take a break from all the Vegasness to podcast. However, we recorded a bunch of great stuff and had several new experiences, so there’s lots to talk about. We’ll have an action-packed show this weekend (including exclusive, scandalous details about a certain poker legend’s bathroom habits). Stay subscribed.


6 Responses to “We’re back”

  1. 1 Micah

    Good to hear from you two again. Was wondering if you were ever going to reappear :-)!!!!! I completely understand that it would be difficult to pull yourself away from all that is Vegas to do what is basically work. I checked the website everyday you were gone to see if anything was there. I will of course be patiently waiting for your show this weekend. Have a good rest of the week.

  2. 2 Paul

    Welcome back both of you from your Las Vegas trip i look forward to hearing about your experiances on the podcast. Hopefully you got to see stuff other than shoe stores, okay take care.

  3. 3 Dan Short

    Leaving for Vegas on Saturday with my laptop, so will listen to the next podcast from paradise.


  4. 4 Dave

    Glad to have you back. Now sober up and get to work on the new podcast so that I can continue living the Vegas experience vicaiously through you!

  5. 5 David

    I soon will leave for Vegas. This years plan is to drink and play table games only. NO SLOTS!!!!

  6. 6 James G in NC

    Back in the real world too. I thought that 5 days in Vegas would be too long. Nope. Great to meet you guys but I’m kinda mad tht you didn’t call to have drinks. I really needed some video poker lessons. Hell, Sigfried at least called me………………

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