We’re back

We’re back home after several fun days in the greatest city on Earth. Sorry we didn’t get around to recording a full show over the weekend. You know the story—too hard to take a break from all the Vegasness to podcast. However, we recorded a bunch of great stuff and had several new experiences, so there’s lots to talk about. We’ll have an action-packed show this weekend (including exclusive, scandalous details about a certain poker legend’s bathroom habits). Stay subscribed.


6 thoughts on “We’re back

  1. Good to hear from you two again. Was wondering if you were ever going to reappear :-)!!!!! I completely understand that it would be difficult to pull yourself away from all that is Vegas to do what is basically work. I checked the website everyday you were gone to see if anything was there. I will of course be patiently waiting for your show this weekend. Have a good rest of the week.

  2. Welcome back both of you from your Las Vegas trip i look forward to hearing about your experiances on the podcast. Hopefully you got to see stuff other than shoe stores, okay take care.

  3. Leaving for Vegas on Saturday with my laptop, so will listen to the next podcast from paradise.


  4. Glad to have you back. Now sober up and get to work on the new podcast so that I can continue living the Vegas experience vicaiously through you!

  5. I soon will leave for Vegas. This years plan is to drink and play table games only. NO SLOTS!!!!

  6. Back in the real world too. I thought that 5 days in Vegas would be too long. Nope. Great to meet you guys but I’m kinda mad tht you didn’t call to have drinks. I really needed some video poker lessons. Hell, Sigfried at least called me………………

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