8 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 43: Airplay

  1. Oh God. Next time we’re in Vegas we will have to check out Airplay. We’ve stayed at the Sahara twice and never experienced a funny smell. Then again, maybe we don’t smell too good. Thanks for the shoutout. If I think of any other tips about AC between now and the time you leave, I’ll e-mail you.

  2. Good old Airplay! I haven’t gotten to listen to the show yet, but in case it wasn’t covered, I have one bit of advice if you’re in the trop watching Airplay. Make sure you take advantage of the free spin promotion at one of the entrances and pick up the coupons from the promotions desk. There’s no better deal than the $5 matchplay on any $10 bet.

  3. I was thinking about Airplay some more today. What so you think goes through those performers’ minds? Here they are, moving out to Vegas to pursue their dreams of being in show biz, and they wind up at the free show at the Tropicana. Sure, they can tell their friends back in Nowheresville that they are part of the Vegas entertainment industry and feel like big shots, but at some point reality has to slap them in the face, understanding that this is as good as it gets for them. I guess that they can always take to heart that even if they’ll never make Cirque or Jubilee, at least they can keep their clothes on.

  4. Tim and Michele,

    Thanks for seeing Airplay so I don’t have to waste my valuable Vegas time on it. Could you also go see Celine? I don’t want to waste my time on her either, but would like to hear you mock her ‘Live From Vegas’.

    I was surprise to hear Loverboy music during the show. I didn’t think anyone but strippers used that anymore.


  5. I was a big Loverboy fan too until I ripped the ass out of my red leather pants…now every time I hear “The Kid Is Hot Tonite”; I realize that someone is no longer a kid…and…I think you can figure out the rest.

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