Five Hundy by Midnight 44: Atlantic City (Las Vegas Lite)

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Atlantic City trip wrap-up
  • Inspired by the outdated mix of music at Caesars, Michele develops a new slogan for A.C.
  • Familiar Vegas names but without that Vegas feel
  • Trump is gaudy
  • Wild Wild West Casino at Bally’s features both kinds of music
  • The Boardwalk is just like a state fair (but with gambling)
  • So that’s what happened to Joe Piscopo!
  • Tim has a confusing, but somewhat inspirational moment on the beach
  • Vegas Web site profile: Atlantic City One message board
  • Jersey Shore by Powerhouse

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 11/15/05 (36:53 min, 33.9 MB) or subscribe.


    7 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 44: Atlantic City (Las Vegas Lite)

    1. I really would not have guess that the casinos were so busy. My best friend was in AC a few months back and said he was blown away by the area surrounding the casinos like it was a war zone. He said he was scared to roll down his windows at red lights. Glad it’s not all true. I think I’ll stick with Vegas, but its nice to know that there’s a viable second chioce that’s less than half the flight time away. Great show !

    2. Having never visited AC, I really enjoyed your trip report…thanks for another excellent show! Although I’ve never visited a Trump property in AC, I’ve seen plenty of photos and TV clips and I couldn’t agree more about the gaudiness of the exteriors. It’s ironic that I don’t feel the same way about Wynn who has his name prominently displayed on the exterior of his newest property, but Trump properties have always struck me as being generic, faux-classy while Wynn properties seem to exhibit an air of genuine, sophisticated elegance.

      By the way, I’ve heard that $5 tables are nearly impossible, if not impossible, to find in AC, even at off-peak times. Did you happen to take note of the table limits during your trip?

    3. That’s correct. It is tough to find $5 tables in AC. I did recently see a few $5 blackjack tables at the Sands, and I once saw some $5 craps tables at the Borgata.

    4. Aloha,

      Just found the podcast……I have listend to about nine, starting with the begining of September. Really enjoy it!

      One question:
      Did you even post a list of all the Vegas websites – or is there a running list you keep? Same thing for the Vegas tips & tricks.


    5. On the boardwalk scene, you missed the essence of what’s it’s all about. In the summer, the boardwalk is more a state of mind than anything else.

      Since I lived in the Twin Cities for three years, I would compare it to hanging our at Lake Harriet or Calhoun. You would have had to experienced it to understand it. How in the summer it’s a cool place to hang out and rollerskate around the lakes and in the winter it becomes a wonderland to escape cabin fever

      That’s why people from Jersey go crazy when Bruce sings … ” Cause, down the shore everthing is alright, you and your baby on a Saturday night”. Although Bruce is a mega star all over the world, people from Jersey grew up around the places that are in the songs, knew people like Crazy Janey and her mission man and totally get it when he sings “cause nothing matters in this whole wide world when you’re in love with a jersey girl”. The boardwalk is an escape, a place you can always go back to a catch of glimpse of your youth. On my first date with my wife, we headed down the shore with a six pack and Bruce in the eight track. Twenty five years and two kids later, we’ve never looked back …. Gotta run, it’s Friday and we’re headed for the boardwalk

      The boardwalk is an escape, a place you can always go back to a catch of glimpse of your youth.

    6. Yes AC is horrible and there are almost no $5 tables (except in winter on weekdays). The “Coffee Soda Juice” refrain from cocktail waitresses is due to some sort of law or regulation, that they can’t advertise the alcohol. I had heard that this law was recently rescinded, so maybe it’s just that old habits die hard.

    7. Was at the AC post office yesterday. There is a warrant our for your arrest for stealing towel from Bally’s. However, Bally’s is not pressiing charges, but rather sending a associate named Rocco to MN to get the towels back.

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