Five Hundy by Midnight 45: American Casino Returns!

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Lots of listener feedback
  • The Shoe Car
  • Listener Bryan’s twinkie photo
  • Michele drives a clown car
  • The monorail is falling apart again
  • X-Scream is X-Screament
  • Pageant contestants have issues
  • American Casino returns
  • The debut of Vegas Reenactment Theatre

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    14 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 45: American Casino Returns!

    1. Given Michele’s reaction to the Shoe Car, aren’t you glad that you never got to see the Silver Slipper?

      Caught the PBS show yesterday. Really, really well done. I liked how they interspersed the stories of the residents with the history of the city.

      And thanks for changing the banner. This website is much more work-friendly now.

    2. Yea, you’re right, the whole “font” thing about Trump and Wynn casinos was kinda “geeky”. Technically the Wynn logo is not a font, but is actually his signature. That’s why it looks so good. I agree, Comic Sans is truly a hideous font. LOL.

      Next time you’re in Vegas, you might want to check out the new Hooters Casino Hotel, next to the Tropicana. I’m sure they don’t have any “old” cocktail waitresses there.

    3. Outstanding show as usual. The Vegas Reenactment Theatre was great, however I don’t think your acting was quite stiff enough to meet the standards of American Casino 🙂

    4. You have to be crazy go that X-Scream ride. My rational is that 50% of the population has an IQ that is below average …. what segment do you think the people who operate X-Scream ride fall into? Think about it!

    5. Excellent show.

      We visited Green Valley Ranch, which happens to be a Station Casino, and I assume their nicest one and found it outstanding with a good selection of games, I won $280 on a nickle machine, and a good buffet.

      We didn’t visit the shops attached but they looked first rate as well.

      BTW how was Springsteen? Was it ihis new album show? Its’s a long way to travel not to see the Greatest Hits but you did have the Casinos to visit as well.

      The Shoe car is a scream.


    6. Great show as always guys.

      You should really slide out to GVR some trip as it is pretty nice. The only way we first got out there was through watching American Casino. We always hit it for Sunday brunch on the way to the airport on our way out of LV. The buffett is good for Sunday brunch, but I can’t comment for any other times. Plus you usually get the LVA coupon for 2 for 1 buffett there so its a good deal.

      It sounds like you guys don’t rent a car out there, so I think they have a shuttle to GVR from Mandalay Bay.

      One trip out there we were walking from the casino part over to the hotel area and “marketing dork” David walked right past us and as soon as we got past him my wife and I both cracked up laughing as he looked just as cheesey in person as he does on the show. How the heck he affords the Prowler he has been seen driving in a couple of episodes is beyond me.

      Keep up the great work guys!

    7. GVR been there and it really is a refreshing change. Feels more like a resort with a casino. rather that a casino with a resort …. i hope that make sense.

      The staff were really helpful and they have a very agressive marketing department … I get promos all the time for a free rooms and craps match play.

    8. I really enjoy your podcasts. I download the show Monday morning and listen to it during my 45 minute commute to work. You’ve replaced NPR’s Morning Edition and I’m not really sure what that says about me. Vegas Reenactment Theatre – Brilliant!

      Now for something about O’Shea’s. It has been gutted. Take a look at this link and picture.

      The original poster states that the table games are still there but only a few slot machines remain. That is completely opposite of a typical Harrah’s owned property. Of course the poster states that the employees say it is only for scheduled repairs but you have to wonder how much money Harrah’s wants to put into a place that will most likely be gone within a year or two if the rumors about a mega-Harrah’s replacing the current row of Harrah’s IP and O’Shea’s.

      When I was in O’Shea’s about a month ago it seemed to me that many slots had been removed because there sure was a lot of open space in the casino that I didn’t remember from prior visits. At the time I just assumed Harrah’s had removed the revenue sharing machines but maybe something more was afoot.

      At least the bar in the back is still there so Butch should still be around.

    9. Dan,

      True, you’re not getting the big hits, or the band, on this tour, but that doesn’t bother me, because I’ve heard him/them do those songs, in person and on bootleg, plenty of times over the years. Bruce is reworking songs this time out, and the result is probably the most revelatory he’s ever done. Where else can you hear Born In The USA and Johnny 99 re-cast as prison blues, complete with bullet mic and foot stomps, or I Wanna Marry You on a ukelele? He’s also pulling out obscure songs left and right . Having Drive All Night as the emotional centerpiece of the concert is something I never would’ve expected.

    10. Thanks for the heads-up about American Casino. Your re-enactment captured the flavor of the show dead-on.

      It’s a fun show to watch but everybody who works there seems like a big dork, especially Wade or Wayne or whatever his name is. Balancing a bar drink on your head is *not* a career-boosting skill, even in the city of sin.

      Joe is probably the only normal person featured on the show. I can’t see how the rest of the staff even keeps their jobs… all they do is talk about how important their job is and how much work it is.

      We’re going to try the buffet at GVR when we head to Las Vegas in February (where we’re going to take a chance by staying at the new Hooters Casino, formerly San Remo).

      Keep up the good work… your podcast does a nice job of balancing news, entertainment, and commentary.

      — BC

    11. Thanks for the American Casino scene. Wow…you guys should really have your SAG cards if you try that again. Union work!

      You mentioned a couple things in this last podcast that made me want to send over another comment. The first was American Casino and the whole “watch anything Vegas related” viewing. Also, the CMT broadcast of the Ms. America contest. This reminded me of the newest, and possibly my favorite, Vegas show that is on CMT. Have you seen “Man vs. Vegas” that airs on Fridays (at least here)? Good show, good vegas scenes, and the acting is almost as good as yours.

      Try to catch it and I will listen for comments. Thanks for the podcast.

    12. Hey guys, great show. I’m in Australia and listening to your goings on over there in Vegas. I’m hoping to get over there soon enough and the show has been valuable listening for me. Keep the great work coming.

    13. So many things to respond to. Here it goes:

      1. I’m a huge fan of Howard Hughes for buying the Silver Slipper with the goal of getting rid of the giant shoe. He may have been as crazy as a shithouse rat, but I can’t fault him for that move.

      2. In the spring, I will definitely check out the new Hooters casino (in the name of research for the show, of course).

      3. We haven’t made it to GVR yet, but intend to. It looks like a nice place. Of course, we’ve intended to visit the LV Hilton for years and still haven’t made it over there.

      4. The Springsteen show in AC was excellent. See Dave’s comment about the hits vs. non-hits issue. He nailed it.

      5. Interesting O’Sheas photo. I have to assume it really is cleared out for repairs. I don’t know a lot about building demolition, but I’m pretty sure they don’t usually start with the floors.

      6. I’ve heard about Man vs. Vegas but haven’t seen it. Much to my surprise, our digital cable system doesn’t carry CMT. I never really cared until now.

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