16 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 46: Post-Thanksgiving Spectacular

  1. Well how does it end? Who get more people to their New Years Party? How can you leave us in the lurch like this!?!

  2. In the spirit of this week’s show, I have made a list of Vegas-related things I’m thankful for this holiday season:

    1. First, I’m thankful for this podcast. Once a week I can close my eyes and I feel like I’m walking the Strip, albeit stuck behind a couple of tourists from Minnesota.

    2. The fine men and women of Las Vegas Porn Slappers Union Local 702. True patriots, one and all.

    3. The miracle king that came on the river to knock out a competitor and allow me to finish in the money for the first time in a Vegas poker tournament last September.

    4. That my girlfriend hates shopping as much as I do, and doubly so when we’re on vacation (sorry, Michele!).

    5. That next year, my company will give me an extra week of vacation!.

    6. The multitudes of e-mails and offers I get on a weekly basis, with low, low rates on hotel rooms, wooing me like the sirens’ song back to the city I love so much.

    7. For finding out firsthand the total awesomeness of driving the length of the Strip on a Saturday night in a convertible with the top down, undeniably the absolute coolest thing I have ever done in my life. I thoroughly recommend that everybody do that at least once in their life. You won’t even mind the traffic one bit.

  3. My Vegas-related thanks…

    -FHBM-’nuff said. I must add I love the Vegas re-enactment theater. I am glad that with her recent Trump/Wynn font discussions, Michele has broken the “shopping and shoes” streotyping that I was afraid was beginning. Tim, where is the long-promised Video Poker overview?

    -Dinner with our dear friends at Hugo’s in the Four Queens. Nothing like stepping back to 1975 and loving it.

    -The trip “over the damn” (we drive from Phoenix). Means we are almost there.

    -Bellagio fountains-If you never have, stop and watch a COUPLE of shows on your next trip.

    -Finding the best “Win this car” that I’d like to own and dropping a Benjamin in “in case I am lucky”. Never have been.

    -The cry of “Cocktails, cocktails”.

    -When a Blackjack table sounds like a craps table after the dealer busts and everyone wins.

    -The Big Shot at the Top of the Strat-Never have I been so glad for restraints to hold.

    -That feeling of being a winner even when you just come home even.

    -(For Michele)-Using the money I won at craps on the last night to buy my wife the Brighton shoes she saw the first day (when I had promised them to her if I won enough, which I did).

    -Ability to cash-in or mail-in winning sportsbook tickets up to a year after (like money in the bank).

    -Eat, Drink, Gamble, Repeat.

  4. I’m thankful for gutshots straights that get filled in on the river. I’m also thankful for 45 minute rolls at the craps table. But most of all, I’m thankful this year in particular for World Poker Tour for filling the online games with donkeys.

    But seriously, I’m serious.

  5. Congrats on another entertaining episode. I’m thankful for:

    1) Themed versions of video poker. Found an Austin Powers VP machine yesterday at the Argosy in Indiana and it made an old game seem new again, at least for the time being. Are other themes already available in Las Vegas?

    2) My car did not get smashed by the chaise lounge that fell out of a nearby pickup truck while on the way to the Indiana casinos. I credit my good fortune to the fact that “Poker Night” by Fielden was playing on my iPod at the time. (I lost money at the Argosy, but at least my car is intact.)

    3) Tim frequently closes the podcast with a gambling-related song (like “Poker Night”, for example).

    4) Podcasting, the iPod, and specifically Five Hundy by Midnight for making the five hour round-trip drive from Columbus, Ohio, to the nearest casino go more quickly.

  6. I’m grateful for the metallic sound that constantly echos through the casino and the “Wheel of Fortune” slot machines.

  7. Thanks for adding a new game “thong – not a thong – not a thing” to our vegas viewing line up. It will fit in well with all the sessions of “ho – not a ho” that get played while passing the time at bartop VP near the Caesars sports book.

    I am also thankful for the vegas comp/marketing machine that makes me feel good about going home a few hundred light since I have been staying, eating and drinking for free for the past 5 days.

    I also appreciate folks like LVA, 5 hundy, vp free, etc that help us to get the most out of Vegas and try to insure that there is such a thing as “advantage gambling”

  8. I am thankful that I am headed for Vegas on the 18th. I am thankfull for the Orleans and its beautiful cocktail waitresses. I am thankfull for the free shuttles that will cart my sorry, drunken ass back home to the Orleans. Finally, I am thankful for your wonderful show.

  9. I’m thankful for the entertainment Vegas will be giving despite emptying my wallet. I’ll be thankful for the cheap wedding chapels that i’m still working hard on getting the fiancee to marry me in.

  10. I am thankful for:
    -13 days until I am once again in Vegas
    -mail from the Barbary Coast
    -the return of Big Elvis
    -that Caesar’s built a big dome to hold Celine so she’s not singing out on the strip
    -the detached voice that tells you how much fun you’re having as you’re riding the moving walkway into Bally’s
    -the rich people who lose money at Bellagio so the rest of us can enjoy it for free.
    -the rare cocktail waitress who brings you another drink without asking you if you wanted one…vegas just brings out the best in people.
    -one last chance to see the Boardwalk giant clownhead.
    -vegas christmas decorations…no place better to avoid Christmas shoppers than sin city. Don’t worry Tim and Michele; we already got your gift!

  11. I didn’t realize other people played the same bar games that I do. In my world, I call it “Guess Who’s the Prostitute” instead of “Prostitute or just a Skank.”

    I invented this in Sept. ’98 while at the MGM for a Microsoft BizApps conference. It was the same time as the Adult Club Owner’s Exposition. What a treat. Tons of beautiful women in skanky outfits to offset the overweight and ugly geeks at a Microsoft convention. We didn’t know the local pros from the imported dancers, hence the name of the game.

    Unfortunately, we turned out to be pretty bad at it. I remember our cocktail waitress telling us that the outlandish ones weren’t the local pros. Instead, she pointed at a woman sitting in jeans, pink shirt, and a sweater who was reading a book in a chair by herself. She’s the pro just waiting for her beeper to go off and then trot up to a room. At least, that was the way it was in ’98. On subsequent trips, it’s gotten a bit more direct with skanky hoes chasing men down the casino floor.

    My favorite part of that convention was breakfast in the MGM at a little snack stand. Everything was crowded because it was in a hallway heading to the conference rooms. I had a table to myself, and one of the LARGE breasted dancers politely asked if I could make room for her at my table. She was so big that she had to wear two sports bras to hold herself up, but was otherwise really cute. She was pretty bright, too.

    Some of the women attending the Microsoft conference walked by and blatantly pointed and laughed at her. I thought that was a bit rude, no matter what they thought of her. I asked if that bothered her. She said, “How much do you think they make a year?” I guessed about $60K. “I made $250,000 last year. I do this for three more years and pull these puppies out. I’m retired by the time I’m 25. What do they have after 3 years?”

    Very business minded. Would you give up four years of sleeping on your belly for a million bucks?

  12. Love the podcast…

    Amongst other things, I am thankful I will be spending New Years Eve in Vegas with 2 of my best friends from college…

  13. Things I am thankful for:

    1. The poker room at the Plaza: friendliest locals you will ever meet.
    2. The Imperial Palace
    3. Bringing new friends to Vegas: having a friend being flattered because he was hit on by a working lady is always good times.
    4. “Free Cocktails”
    5. Downtown: Sometimes you are just sick of the Strip.
    6. O’Sheas
    7. Vegas’ Egilatarianism: you can wear what you want, say what you want, eat what you want and no one outside of the “hip” clubs is going to judge you.
    8. Friends at the Blackjack Table
    9. Friends at the Pai Gow Table
    10. 28 days until my next trip.

  14. Longtime listener. Your shows just keep getting better! Keep up the great work. You two will become Vegas royalty in years to come.

    Things I am thankful for:

    1. The waitress we never got to thank who turned in my wife’s purse to securty when it was left sitting on a slot machine at Aladdin.

    2. The easy-going poker dealers at Palms.

    3. The feeling I get the first time I can see The Strip out the airplane window as it banks to land at the airport.

    4. The knowledge gained from a friend to always tell the cabbie, “Don’t take me through the tunnel.” as we make our way from the airport to our hotel on the Strip.

    5. The Vegas stories you here from the cab drivers late at night.

    6. The large free slot machine after you cross the bridge to Tropicana.

    7. Putting a dollar in the slots around the car near the front of the Monte Carlo casino, even though I know full-well everytime that I am never actually ever going to win it.

    8. Attending a friend’s bachelor party held in Vegas. Classic.

    9. And the Vegas related thing I am most thankful for…

    The Ghost of Hoover Dam!

    “Wwwhat are you dooooing herrree? Vegas is only a half hour away…”

  15. I was a Las Vegas Advisor subscriber for quite a few years, but they lost me when they started pimping for the online gambling sites. They were starting to turn me off earlier with articles that were only marginally Las vegas related, but that put me over the edge. The website does have good information, but I only go there when I need something specific.

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