7 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 48: Twice the Circus, Half the Appeal

  1. Great walk-through… Reason that I haven’t visted CC is one of the similar reasons that you two gave; the kids…

  2. This was my first listen of your podcast. Actually of any podcast. I am a member of everythinglv.com and Steve sent me here. I listened to lastweek’s podcast as well. Very good commentary. I had a couple comments about your podcast. First, I felt that you were a little harsh on CC. I agree, if you don’t like kids, stay away. But I used to play there alot (many company paid trips) and the dealers and pitbosses were very friendly. Second, Mary on Las Vegas was the Entertainment Director in the first two seasons and is currently the Hotel Manager. Last, Let the poor girl talk about shoes…Thanks for the entertainment.

  3. Boy, you guys really hate Circus Circus.

    We strolled over there from the Riviera (which BTW we find is the best of the old Casinos we have been in) on our way for the Mega Dog.

    Has a coupon either from POV or ACG so thought we would try it. didn’t notice the lack of cleanliness but the time share guys were particularily offensive. Heard the best response though. A simple “bugger off” from a large gentleman seemed to do the trick.

    I do find the particular forum that you didn’t mention, but I have seen you on it, to be particularily rude and self centred at times, especially when you have laid out “gold” for it.

    I’ll try the new one for a while.



  4. My Top Ten Favorite Things about Circus, Circus (apologies to Letterman):
    10. Circus freaks
    9. Great comparison for the Cirque shows
    8. Big clown head on the front (or was that boardwalk)
    7. Celine isn’t there
    6. All of it’s profits are invested in the expansion of Mandalay
    5. The circus is so much more fun when I’m drunk
    4. No annoying celebrity sightings
    3. No one washes their hands here; more comfortable for Texas Dolly
    2. It keeps the kids out of the good places!
    1. Harrah’s couldn’t possibly ruin it.

  5. u guys were way too hard on CC. I think the frontier is a lot worse. It has no personality and the crap tables are so bad that i lost chips between the rails.

  6. Thank you for going into Circus Circus. Now I feel like I know the place so well that I never have to set foot inside it…

  7. Just found you guys on Podcast.net. Getting caught up on listening past episodes now. The best are your “on-the-fly” walk-thru commentaries, Circus Circus was the best!! I visited this “playground” in 1994 and kept thinking, this is what Chuck-e-cheese pizza would be if they added gambling and liquor. The only thing I kept hearing on the Wynn commentary was “shoes, shoes, shoes.”

    I stayed at the Tropicana during the SEMA convention this year. Does anyone else think that hotel stinks beside me?. What are they trying to cover up?

    Keep up the excellent, entertaining and informative podcast on Las Vegas.

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