3 thoughts on “Lady Luck To Close for One Year

  1. I stayed at the Lady Luck 7 days in July, 7 days in March and 10 days last December. I figured something fishy was going on because their website has been down since summer. It was kinda dumpy, but a great value–garden rooms 22$ in low season. I’ll miss the cab drivers laughing at me when I told them our destination was “The Lady.”

  2. Just wanted to add that the Lady Luck Buffet might have been second only to the soon-to-be-defunct Boardwalk Surf Buffet for stomach-churning putridness. Oh, and I have podcast #48 saved like a precious gem for my (long) flight to Vegas on Saturday. Can’t wait!

  3. That place sucked anyway. I probably wouldn’t have visited, but after stiffing their employees, they are on my never-ever list.

    Maybe when they open again, they’ll hire the big lady running the Terrible’s buffet and Dragon Lady, the less than charming hag who sits box on the Gold Coast’s dice games, They are tied in my eyes as “Meanest Woman in Vegas”. They should fit right in at the new heartless Lady Luck.

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