Five Hundy by Midnight 49: Vegas Christmas Spectacular

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Christmas in Las Vegas by Dr. Elmo
  • South Coast opens this week
  • Lady Luck is Grinch
  • The monorail raises rates
  • Las Vegas Hilton hires Reba
  • Ivana’s condo property goes on the sale block
  • Airplay closes
  • Christmas in Vegas by Dale Watson
  • Michele finds nazinuts and Vosges chocolate locally
  • Vegas Web site profile: Las Vegas Entertainment and Show Guide
  • No show next week
  • Anniversary show plans: Send us your favorite show moments
  • Christmas in Las Vegas by Clint Holmes and Lesley Gore

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 12/18/05 (33:17 min, 30.6 MB) or subscribe.


    8 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 49: Vegas Christmas Spectacular

    1. What a great song.

      Being in my mid-fifties, I always have a soft spot for Leslie Gore. Thanks for the song.

      Your 49th is one of the best ones yet.

      Have a great Christmas and looking forward to the 50th


      P.S. I would suggest that the term Nazinuts may ont be P.C. 🙂

    2. The biggest news you gave was not Vegas related, and a real bummer. Marshall Feilds is going away! WTF! I knew for sometime the downtown Chicago landmark was closing, but the entire freaking chain! Another hallmark of my childhood gone. Sad news…sad.

    3. Oh and speaking of Asian fruits, you got to try Dragon Fruit (but make sure you get it unpeeled, quite fun) and Durian (this makes sure you get peeled, its a bitch to cut the skin off, oh and beware of the smell).

    4. Objectively, Reba’s a very good choice for the Hilton. I’m not a fan but I used to runa record store, so I heard whatever she had out at the time. Her records were always very well-produced by contemporary Nashville standards and there’s always been a degree of quality about them. Even if the show isn’t for you or me, certainly large sections of her audience is there.

    5. Can’t wait for the anniversary extravaganza! I’d like to vote for the “Airplay!” recap, Michele’s comment about the coffee cup in particular.
      That cracked me up.

      Dried lychees are often called “lychee nuts,” so maybe that’s where the “nazinuts” business came from?

    6. Great show… looking forward to the 50th!

      I have to say I will not miss Airplay. I thought the whole show was cheap and tacky… in a bad way. It’ll be interesting to see what the Trop does with that space. I think they should do something to show off the stained glass ceiling. I think that is an overlooked “treasure” on the strip.

      I am from Chicago, and and very upset with Federated’s plans to turn Field’s in a Macy’s! It just won’t be the same.

    7. Five dollars to ride the monorail! They must be joking. The real crime is that they’ve also screwed up the strip bus. It was previously divided into the 301 milk run and the 302 express. Now, it is combined into a double-decker nightmare. Imagine 40 tourists getting on every hundred feet who don’t understand exact fare, heck, they don’t even know what the fare is! “Does this bus go the Sahara?” “Should we sit upstairs?” etc. I’ll be hoofing it on the strip when possible and going downtown a lot less often. Loved your show though.

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