The Strat is permanently closing its rollercoaster on Friday, according to KLAS TV. The deconstruction will take three months. A new ride is planned for the space the coaster now occupies.


5 Responses to “Stratosphere Rollercoaster Closing”

  1. 1 James G in NC

    I never got to ride that one. Darn. I so wanted to be hung over the strip and dangled for and hour waiting for help.

  2. 2 BC

    You could still get trapped on X Scream or Insanity.
    Maybe for the new ride they should just bite the bullet and create a ride that’s *designed* to periodically get stuck for an hour.

  3. 3 Jan

    Just imagine the compensation for pain and suffering if you did get stuck out there for an hour and a half in the dark in the cold. It almost seems worth it.

  4. 4 Malcolm

    BTW, they’re taking out the coaster because IT SUCKS!

  5. 5 David G

    Yes this is a good thing. I never even went on that coaster because I knew it would suck. Here’s hoping for another really insane ride to give us all vertigo!

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