6 thoughts on “Drama at Harrah’s

  1. Talk about “lighten up, francis”. Somebody must have put their meathooks on this guys stuff.

  2. “Where are we gonna put all these dozens of guests???? Half naked tourists in PJ’s and robes and blankies??” “Ummm… lets put em up downstairs at the buffet!”

    You gotta love Vegas! 🙂

  3. Woke up to this news on Tuesday morning. We were way all the way at the MGM Grand, so we had no idea that it was going on (I was busy beating up a 2-4 HE table at the time). One of the things that wasn’t mentioned in the article was that the police had sealed off the 20th floor for their investigation, and the guests couldn’t return to their rooms. The big problem, though, was that rooms are very scarce because of the big MAGIC convention that is starting.

  4. Oh, yeah, and Tim, if my voice mail comment about that incident was a little too tasteless for broadcast, feel free to edit it out.

  5. My in-laws were staying in the other wing of Harrah’s that night (Mardi-gras tower, I think its called). I was staying at the Flamingo. Got a call from my mother-in-law, who encountered all of the displaced guests crashed out on the lobby floor; said that the Hotel was providing bottled water and snacks to the guests.

    I usually feel very safe in LV. I’ve stayed at Harrah’s before, and have had to show a room key to get into the elevators at night. I guess anyone can find a plastic room key without too much effort, though. I know it’s unusual, but it still made me think about my safety a little more in LV.



    PS. Tim, I left a voice-mail greeting from the Barbary Coast bar on monday the 20th. Sorry if I’m slurring a little! Keep up the good work!

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