The Hard Rock issued a rather brief statement yesterday that the property may be changing hands. No details on who the potential buyer is.


4 Responses to “Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Changing Hands”

  1. 1 James G in NC

    Yeah Harrahs !!!

  2. 2 dcavisitor

    Maybe the stupid Rolling Stones hotel can happen now, huh? That is, if the potential buyer of Hard Rock turns it into something different.

  3. 3 Ted Newkirk

    Steve Wynn should by it and move Avenue Q over there. Probably a better fit audience wise.

    If Clooney and his partners were serious, they would be first in line. Ice has an ironclad contract on the Las Rambles land for another couple of years.

    But I’m not holding my breath on the Clooney thing. The concept isn’t going to work, and this stuff about giving 25% of the profits to feed the starving in Africa seems like a publicity stunt.

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