Shortage of Bargain Rooms on the Horizon

The Las Vegas Review Journal carries an article today about the decreasing number of low-priced rooms on the Las Vegas Strip. Our friends at Vegas Tripping featured a thorough analysis of this problem weeks ago.


One thought on “Shortage of Bargain Rooms on the Horizon

  1. I remember reading that article on Vegas Tripping… it was kind of depressing. Reminded me of a recent LV Advisor question about whether there were still any 99-cent breakfasts in town (I believe the answer was yes, but not very many).
    We’ll be checking out the Hooters casino this weekend (no sausage-fest jokes, please). It was comparable in price to Excalibur. I suppose if the prices continue to rise we’ll start staying off-strip in the future and drive to the strip (somewhere like the Orleans). Maybe we’d even stay downtown as a last resort, no pun intended.

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