Beacher’s Rockhouse to Replace Tequila Joe’s

Norm Clarke reports that Imperial Palace will be replacing Tequila Joe’s with a new bar from Jeff Beacher, the star of Beacher’s Madhouse at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Beacher’s Rockhouse will open in approximately three months.


2 thoughts on “Beacher’s Rockhouse to Replace Tequila Joe’s

  1. This is going to compete the most perfect party section of The Strip, bar none. $1 beers and liberal, cheap shots at Casino Royale, The Piano Twins at Harrah’s, Harrah’s Carnival Court on a night Cook E. Jarr is playing, Beachers Rockhouse, and Margaritaville.

    I’ve been known to get a suite at Harrah’s just so I could do this “pub crawl” and have somewhere nice to crash instead of getting myself home.

  2. Great, now he will have to find cocktail servers, bartenders and busboys that are willing to work for 10 dollars and a hooker. Oh boy.. his virus is spreading… we must get rid of him before its too late!

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