Las Vegas Works to Revitalize Fremont East

Las Vegas Business Press reports on plans by the city of Las Vegas to turn Fremont Street east of the Fremont Street Experience into a new Bourbon Street (the actual street—not the fallen casino).


2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Works to Revitalize Fremont East

  1. That would be nice. The FSE is fun, but after you’ve seen it two or three times it’s not nearly as cool anymore. Besides, I’m always worried that someone is going to lift my wallet when I’m watching the damn thing. If it goes well. this will be another reason to go downtown. Haven’t been to Bourbon Street, but I have been on Beale, and when you’ve got people walking from bar-to-bar, and great live music is cranking out of every one of them, it’s pretty awesome.

  2. The FSE is a good time and the fact it’s old Vegas you get a different feel than the strip. I am all for cleaning up that end of Fremont St. I often drive down the Bldr Hwy and come through the shatty section and it is nasty.

    Maybe it will make it a little more interesting in the daylight. I can’t help but still go up and down Fremont St in the morning after breakfast downtown. It’s obviously never the same as as night.

    I watch my wallet the whole time downtown and stay on guard. I keep it in the front pocket. It’s the only place in Vegas I’ve had to get physical with those freaking cowboys that invade Vegas every December and I don’t mean in a Brokeback way!

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