Five Hundy by Midnight 58: Low Limit Las Vegas Gambling

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Where to find cheap gambling options on the Las Vegas Strip and downtown Las Vegas
  • Video poker info: VPFree
  • Michele mocks Tim’s repeated use of “better bets”
  • Hooters Casino listener follow-up
  • Michele lies about Tim’s periodical subscriptions
  • Las Vegas entertainment notes: Louie Anderson at Excalibur, The Scintas move from Rio to Sahara, and Chicago at MGM Grand
  • Check your Harrah’s points
  • Vegas Web site profile: Imperial Palace
  • Brain Vacation by American Heartbreak

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 3/12/06 (34:44 min, 32 MB) or subscribe.


    31 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 58: Low Limit Las Vegas Gambling

    1. Low Limit Las Vegas Gambling: You can play penny video poker over at the Plaza downtown. I played there last September with a bunch of the locals and had a great time!!

    2. Speaking of low limit, I played some Star Wars penny slots, max lines at a penny per line (in other words, 30 cents per spin) in February. Those machines are everywhere, and I would call them a “better bet” because I came out ahead after every session. Your mileage may vary.
      Re: the Hooters girls, most of the ones we saw were “cute” but not necessarily “buxom”.

    3. The Star Wars graphics are the best I’ve ever seen.

      But don’t forget, sometimes Oby Wan beats Darth.

      Try MIB for pennies with t he little men bonus it is a lot of fun.


    4. Any list of good low limit vegas gambling should include $5 Pai Gow at Barbarry Coast and the $1-3 hold ’em at Excalibur.

      You’re not going strike it rich with $5 Pai Gow, but you can have a few drinks and enjoy yourself for quite a while without too much of your cash in play.

      With 1-3 poker you can fold every hand and still only be out a buck every ten hands.

    5. Great tips for low limit games! But what’s up with the jab at 100 times odds on craps? Its a much marter bet to play $1 on the line and $100 odds than to play a $25 min table with 3 times odds.

      Keep up the great work! M – shop on!

    6. I didn’t mean it as a jab. I think it’s great that they offer such good odds, but I suspect they don’t get a lot of dollar bets with $100 behind it. I may be wrong.

    7. Well I been listening to you for awhile now and just have to say that you and your wife are very intertaining. I only wish you had it everyday. I think you can. I really miss going to vegas and with your show it seems that I am there.
      Thank you again, I going to try and support you but have to talk it over with wife first. take care rob

    8. I recall a one dollar roullette table at Golden Gate. That was a good place to introduce someone to roullette for low money. The last time there however I didn’t find the same minimum.

      My fiance is all about the nickle razzle dazzle machines. I can leave her on one of those machines for an evening and she’s happy. It just looks like a bunch of lines to me.

    9. You’re only chance of avoiding future mockery is to commit to a strict regimen of pre-emptive mockery coupled with a complete adherence to a new alcohol consumption policy that mandates that you not ingest any beverage that has touched a blender, includes whipped cream, includes any type of fruit other than a tomato, or consists of more than 10% crushed ice.

    10. What if the ice was made out of gin? The whole 10% ratio is tossed out the window.

    11. Agreed. There are sure to be dozens of exceptions to the above definition of a “foo foo drink”. Certainly a drink containing frozen crystals at -160F would qualify as an exception to the rule.

    12. I dig the American Heartbreak song you played – and will be in Vegas on the 22nd.

      Has the venue changed from the Beauty Bar downtown to the Celebrity Club at the Rivera? Also, do you know if there is a cover charge? I may end up stopping by.

    13. Watch out Tim and Michele!!! Even though we don’t know what ya’ll look like, ya’ll (youz guys) are sure to stand out at the Celebrity Club. We can just look for the guy with a microphone in one hand and a fruity drink in the other. Tim will be sitting beside a woman with great shoes and deep fried twinkie breath.

      Have a safe trip and happy anniversary.

    14. Hey Tim and Michelle,

      Will here from the Will and Iris. We are fellow Midwestern nerds. I’ve been enjoying your show. My wife absolutely does not like Vegas. I get there about once every two years for a guy trip. This year we’ll be at the Mirage March 22-25 making bets on NCAA basketball games, and I’m going to be searching for some $5 blackjack. Keep up the good work.


    15. Oooo, ooo, Tim and Michele change the homepage again. Looks like the glass sculpture ceiling at the hotel reception/lobby of Bellagio. Oooo, aaaaah, ooooo……..

    16. Some low-limit tips from someone who has visited the Gold Spike & El Cortez.

      – Gold Spike

      The walk here isn’t that bad. Walk down the side of Neonopolis at the end of the canopy on Fremont. Don’t be completely terrified by the casino – you’ll know it because it is incredibly small and the marquee says “Breakfast.” There are actually three blackjack tables but only two are running and the minimum bet is $2 and the max is $100; you cannot enter until a shuffle has taken place.

      Honestly, I thought this place was a blast and I don’t work for I met some locals/tourists who were friendly and fun. I was in town for a job interview and the others would toast to me prospects at getting the job (I didn’t, but how lucky do you think the people at Gold Spike are?)

      Word to the wise, avoid the bathroom if you can. If you’re a guy, it’s fine – sort of like a VFW bathroom, but when I was in there two guys were fighting and a bottle was broken on the floor. One of them asked me “Should I hit this guy or buy him a drink?” I said “Buy him a drink,” and they left together. I shudder to think what would have happened if I chose the other option. I didn’t use the women’s bathroom, but I don’t know if I would take a lady here or at least I would take her somewhere else to use the restroom.

      In conclusion, you MUST go here at least to have the experience.

      – The El Cortez

      The work to El Cortez is moderately sketchy (how many pawn shops can one block support?), but it’s really not too bad, esp. during the day. If you’ve ever walked down city streets you should be fine.

      As for the El Co itself, ehhh, I’ll take the Gold Spike. The gambling is more expensive and the crowd is more surly and less crazy. I’ll take the crazy. I spent 3 hours at Gold Spike walked over to El Co and spent 15 minutes there. I then walked back to the Gold Spike to sit down with the same crazy locals/tourists I sat with for three hours before. It was some of the most fun I’ve had in Vegas.

      As a quick note – the Four Queens now always has one $2 BJ table going (8 deck shoe; but still 3:2 on naturals). Also, they deal $5 single and double (cards face down for tactile fun) deck with 3:2. Head to Las Vegas club for $5 weirdo rule blackjack.

    17. I walked in the El Cortez once, about three years ago, and have regretted it ever since. It was an absolute dump. I think there is a humor factor for some people, but for me it was just horrible. In fact, the whole downtown is kind of depressing as far as I am concerned. Binion’s Horseshoe was old and classic, and fun. I met some funny characters there. But almost all the places downtown now are just plain bad. Old and dirty and not enough character to salvage them.

    18. I went to the El Co a few years ago. They had a pretty good spread limit holdem game there which I did okay in, so that’s probably why I have fonder memories than most.

      I am a big fan of the downtown area in general, but am usually happy sticking to the $5 minimums around Freemont St. Had an awesome time playing blackjack at Four Queens last time. Sure the waitresses aren’t wearing the skimpy oufits (and let me tell you, you’re glad they’re not!) but they come around often and actually appreciate a dollar tip. You can get very hammered very quickly without spending a bundle, and after all, isn’t that what its all about?

      Don’t forget the off-strip joints for low-limits and fun times. Gold Coast is a personal fave- great for $5 Pai Gow.

    19. You really have to spend some time visiting some of the other places. On your low-limit segment you missed the Klondike (which will close soon). I guess if South Coast is considered still on the strip then the Klondike is there too. Its between South Coast and Mandalay (on the other side of the street). Also the Silverton, Sam’s Town (well all of Boulder highway casinos like the Nevada Palace – soon to be gone, Bighorn, Longhorn, etc.) for some locals low limit action. Also check out Palace Station for the 25cent craps starting at 8pm.

      For 10cent roulette – the Klondike Sunset still has it. Its out in Henderson. A little dumpy place with some really craggy old dealers and customers but has two 10cent tables.

    20. I make it part of every trip to get a haircut at the El Cortez. There’s an OLD SCHOOL barber shop on the 2nd floor. Can’t beat the whole experience for seediness. Great if you ever plan on writing the Great American Novel.

    21. we still love the band chicago after all these years and have seen them live several times

      the entire horn section and robert lamm are the 4 original members, with a couple other longtime members (jason and bill) and a great young guitarist and drummer (keith and tris)

      they still put on a great show — and there’s a new album coming out — chicago xxx — the first cut i’ve heard is awesome

    22. The guy who replaced Peter Cetera as bass player (and, I think, lead singer) in Chicago is Jason Scheff, the son of Jerry Scheff, an original member of the TCB band, and one of the few men to have played with both Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello.

    23. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my Wife and I really enjoy listening to your podcast. We have found alot of the information very useful on our trips to Vegas. We look forward to trying our luck on the Five Hundy by Midnight slots at the Flamingo on our next trip. Keep up the good work.

      VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!!!

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