Five Hundy by Midnight 59: Las Vegas Trip Report

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • On location reports about O’Sheas, Flamingo, Imperial Palace, Venetian, Barbary Coast, Hooters and the disturbing sausage fest that is Las Vegas during the NCAA basketball tournament
  • Lots more on location Las Vegas audio when we get home
  • Last of the Superheroes by American Heartbreak

  • Direct download of the podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight 3/24/06 (25:32 min, 23.5 MB) or subscribe.


    14 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 59: Las Vegas Trip Report

    1. Now, this is what I call dedication.

      Thanks for thinking of me, Michele. I didn’t take offense at all. One of the things I’ve learned as a Yankees fan, who now lives in the town of a divisional rival (sort of, there are still plenty of Orioles fans here in DC even though the Nats are here), and has a Red Sox fan girlfriend is that you learn to celebrate alone.

      Great job at the VP mines, Tim. Glad to hear you’re having fun (as if you couldn’t). Looking forward to hearing the rest of the trip report!

    2. I was just at the Barbary Coast and heard a guy order an Admiral Nelson and Diet Rite.

      Was that you Tim?

    3. another great episode kids — can’t wait to hear more about the trip after you get home


      Fun show! Sounded great, too; even the sirens you dropped in to convince us you’re really in Vegas 🙂 Thanks for hauling the gear and posting.

      [Nerd digression: Speaking of which, could you post a note on your portable setup sometime? One or two mikes? Hotel internet work OK for uploading, or did you have to use one of those Internet cafe/BBQ joints?]

      Have fun!!!

    5. Gosh, Tim…you guys can’t win for losing when podcasting in Las Vegas. If it isn’t the Paris crickets, it’s the housekeeping vacuum or the sirens of Flamingo Rd. (not to be confused with the Sirens of TI, which many would probably consider an equal nuisance). Just kidding 🙂 Thanks to both of you for taking time out of your trip to record Friday’s show, and I hope that your VP luck continues throughout the rest of the trip. Looking forward to the next show!

    6. WE were in Fitzgeralds same night and over at The Celebrity we thought it was too much cover. Sooo, we headed to THE Hotel to see Mix nightclub on the 64th floor. We were showing my sister in law around town. You guys HAVE to check it out on one of your trips. the view is stunning. Did you notice the astro-turf around the Las Vegas sign? Don’t know if you guys left yet..would love to hook up.

      Cheers, Bryan from Apple.

    7. Hey Tim & Michelle

      Another great show. Sad to say I’m going to miss you by a few days again. Check this – work are sending me to Vegas for a conference. It lasts 3 days, I’m there a whole week – result!

      I’m posting this from my brand new Mac 12″ Powerbook. In your honor, I’m going to go hang out in the Apple store in the Fashion Show Mall and buy stuff. Tim, I’ll drink something frothy in your honor!

    8. Great podcast guys… looking forward to my trip on Easter week.

      Congrats on DIAD, Tim. I assume that since it took you 6 hours, you must of be playing 3-play on the STP machines. Were you doing this to keep the variance as manageable as possible?

      For my Easter trip, I am spending 1 night at Caesars and 3 at LVH (all free). My goal/dream is to get DIAD at CP … and then, on a future trip, try to get LVH to match status when they upgrade their slot club in a couple of months.

      Hope you liked LVH – haven’t been there since they had completed their remodelling/renovations. Despite some of the slot club and ownership changes… it is still my #1 hotel (MSS a close 2nd, but CP may bump them depending on future offers).

    9. Pete in Australia here.

      I’m missing Tim & Michelle by just a week or so too as I head out on April 5 for, get this, 2 weeks!! Hey, when it takes you 16 hours flying time and $2k each in airfares to get there, I want a big helping of Vegas time. Its my honeymoon and we’ll be a week at Monte Carlo then downtown to our favourite hotel, the Golden Nugget.

      Hey Tim, you could tell Michelle was looking at you when you did the intro too! Still not quite over that early show shyness I see!

      Have an admiral nelson for me and hope you had an awesome trip.

    10. Good Morning Tim and Michelle, I’m waiting for the next pod cast, I been checking sent Thursday night and as of this morning Saturday, still nothing, HMMM. Wondering if you made it back or not? Your wife really brings something special to the show. I don’t know if it her voice or her fizzy attitude or maybe it’s because she keeps you on your toes, because you never know what she might say. I needed a Vegas fix, so I started listening to older shows and found one about Vegas Haters and low and behold she wasn’t on it. Really missed hearing her input. Went to Strip pod cast and didn’t enjoy it, and all so looked up Vegas list and it was ok, but nothing like your show and add live programming.
      Love your program.

    11. Tim & Michele,

      I’m guessing that you’ve returned from your trip, so I’ve gotta ask…did you win big? Oh, and did you see any shows?

      Hope to hear your trip summary podcast soon!

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