Five Hundy by Midnight 61: An Easy 50 Bucks

In this edition of the original Las Vegas podcast:

  • Listener audio comments
  • Play in the Podcast Poker Challenge
  • Tim tries to build interest in the poker tournament by talking smack about Coverville’s host and listeners
  • Michele describes herself as “an easy 50 bucks”
  • Everybody wants to buy Tropicana
  • Riviera gets sold
  • Las Ramblas isn’t happening
  • Caesars expansion speculation
  • Barry Manilow sticks around
  • What happened to Kenny Rogers?
  • Rita Rudner moves to Harrahs
  • David Brenner joins George Wallace
  • The Drive opens
  • Pokerdome
  • Tim finally shares his Monkeydome Casino concept
  • Aladdin/Planet Hollywood mall renovations
  • No more monorail lines
  • Las Vegas is Waiting by Kevin Bowe

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14 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 61: An Easy 50 Bucks

  1. 1) The intros are getting longer. I like it…
    2) David Brenner had been at Westin, then moved to the Hilton for a while. Don’t know if he had been there when it was Maxim, though.
    3) I vote for “Hollydin”
    4) SAT analogy time – Tim : “Best Bets” :: Michele : “That’s true”
    5) Red Rock Station is in Summerville, west of Vegas on Charleston. It’s not too far from the entrance to Red Rock Canyon

  2. 1. Tim, now since you area Harrahs’s VIP memeber you can pitch all your Monkey Dome Ideas directly to management. Good Luck!

    2. Michelle, I got $50, call me when your free. Don’t tell Tim about this.

  3. That’s a nice system that they set up to pay for the monorail, but you want to be careful when you send your text message. You get one digit wrong when you text the word ‘ride’ and you will be paying for an hour at the chicken ranch.

  4. There still a handful of Sigma Derby machines around. I saw one in the MGM last month. It was real easy to find. From the front door, it is about two miles on the right.

  5. Long-time listener, first-time…replier?

    Anyway, great show as usual. I just wanted to thank you for acknowledging the freak show that Kenny Rogers has now become. I mean, I just don’t know what to say. Where has The Gambler gone? I don’t know, but he’s been replaced by this alien. Eek.

  6. Master: These our witness, Aunty. Us suffer bad river beat. Want justice. We want Pokerdome!
    Aunty Entity: You know the law: Two men enter, one man leaves.
    Master: This Blaster! Ten men enter, only him leave!
    Aunty Entity: Then it’s your choice. Pokerdome.

    Aunty Entity: Remember where you are – this is Pokerdome, and death is listening, and will take the first man that removes his sunglasses.

  7. How about people playing Sigma Derby in the dome surrounded by poop throwing monkeys? Kenny Rogers could MC.

    I’d pay to watch that!

  8. Phil Hellmuth has got to be involved somehow. Perhaps he could put out a book…”Play MonkeyPokerDome Like The Pro’s”.

  9. I believe there is a famous quote from Hellmuth “If it wasn’t for luck, or the monkeys throwing feces, I’de win every MonkeyPokerDome”

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